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Review: Smashbox High Definition Concealer in Fair/Light

I've been looking for a concealer for a while now and I kept going back to Boots to grab the famous Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer but they either never had my colour or the ones that they had had, had all been opened. I eventually gave up and on a recent trip to the Cosmetic Company, I purchased the Smashbox's High Definition Concealer in Fair/Light.

I didn't search for reviews on this product before I bought it, I bought it on a whimmy whim. I picked up a tester and squeezed a bit onto my hand and it was light, creamy, pigmented and more importantly, my colour, so I took one to the till and happily handed over the money before going home, shoving it in a cupboard and there it stayed for quite a while. I suppose this is down to the fact that I don't usually need concealer so don't usually use it until one day I noticed I had dark circles under my eyes so I decided to drag it out of the dark depths on my bedroom and give it a try.

The packaging states:
"Conceal imperfections and dark circles with this weightless, good-for-your-skin formula that provides buildable coverage."
So I'm expecting great things! Except.. Either I bought a dud one or the concealer I tested in the shop is a completely different formula to the one I bought. The formula of the concealer I tested in the shop was light, creamy and worked into the skin like a dream.. Have a look at the photo below and I'll tell you how this one works.
The formula of the concealer I bought was thin, watery, and took a good deal of rubbing for it to soak into the skin. Now I know somewhere on the packaging it says something about giving it a gentle shake for everything in the tube to come together but no amount of shaking will bring this concealer together. When I squeeze a little out of the tube it comes out as watery substance first then I'll get a small clump of how the concealer should be - not ideal.

Onto the packaging which I don't usually talk about. The concealer comes in a little 8ml tube with a rather large hole where once you squeeze the tube, the concealer should come out of. It does that job very well, a little too well, perhaps. If you only wanted to use a small amount of this concealer you'd have to make sure you didn't squeeze the tube too much otherwise half of the tube will pour out and you'll have £6 worth of concealer all over the back of your hand - again, not ideal.

And finally, the concealer itself. Even though the formula is a little odd, the concealer does seem to work rather well. As I'm convinced I have a dud product, it does take a little bit of rubbing under the eyes to make it fully sink in and if you don't rub it in enough it can look a little cakey like in the photo above so it's better to apply using a concealer brush. It completely covered up the dark circles under my eyes and made my skintone look completely even which is all what a concealer is about. It lasts all day too and doesn't budge!

Even though the formula is rather watery and, dare I say it, odd, I still think it does the job well and completely covers up blemishes. I do believe I have a dud product so maybe I'll have to buy another and find out!

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