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Review: Seventeen Rock Hard Nail Effects Nail Varnish in Grey

A couple of weeks ago I was in Boots with my sister when I saw this little bottle of nail varnish on the shelves. The name? Seventeen Rock Hard Nail Effects Nail Varnish.

This textured nail varnish instantly reminded me of the Nails Inc Concrete Effect Nail Varnishes but just a cheaper dupe. I know textured nail varnish is a bit of a one hit wonder - they are popular for a couple of weeks then everyone forgets all about them but they are a bit quirky and different and make a nice change.

The Seventeen Rock Hard Nail Effects Nail Varnish applied really easily. The bottle suggests you apply two layers but I think one layer would do the job nicely. I applied two layers and watched in amazement as my nails turned into concrete. It's a bit odd at first, watching as your nails turned bumpy so they get a bit of getting used to.

They dried really quickly which is good but I didn't want to apply a top coat in case it ruined the look which I regret slightly as they chipped within 2 hours! I found that despite minor chipping it lasted around 3 days on my nails without a top coat which I guess is quite good.

When it comes to taking this nail varnish off you have to treat it like it's a glitter nail varnish, meaning it is a little cow to remove but like I said, it is a bit different and it makes a change to a normal nail varnish.

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