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Wishlist: Dreaming of Summer

Aren't you just fed up with this weather? I'm sat by the window in our living room watching it rain and it's awfully depressing.. No wonder people move to sunnier climates!

These are the clothes I have my eye on when the weather gets better and we can all venture outside without an umbrella or hats, coats and scarves!
Playsuit / Sandals / Jacket / Platforms / Fedora / Dress
Dress / Platforms / Dress / Cami / Platforms / Dress
Dress / Skirt / T-Shirt / Skirt / Dress
Skirt / Platforms / Dress / Crop Top / Dress / Wedges 
Dress / Sandals / Dress / Wedges / Dress / Heels

Are you dreaming of summer too?

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