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Recent Purchases: Celine Luggage 'Smile' Look-A-Like Bag

I really want a Celine Smile Bag. Like, really, really badly. So I Googled it. Boy aren't they expensive? Even if I could justify the £1,500+ price tag, I wouldn't dare use it in case, heaven forbid, someone other than myself dare lay an un-gloved finger on it and made a mark. Also I imagine the guilt would most probably kill me so what else is there to do other than scour eBay in search of a look-a-like?

Which is just what I did! I spent all of £17.95 on this fantastic copy, it arrived within three days and the best part? There's loads of different colours to choose from! I chose the 'Nude/Beige' to match with a dress I have but I was a little disappointed to find that when it arrived it didn't look like the same shade I had chosen in the photos.

Instead of the taupe beige in the photo on the eBay page, I got sent a light-orange coloured bag, which does make me wonder if I've been sent the wrong colour despite it having a 'Nude' sticker on it when it arrived. Nonetheless, I love it and I will keep it as I think for what it is, it's amazing.

It has an inside pocket and a little phone holder pocket (does anyone ever use them?) and has plenty of space for the amount of rubbish a girl can have in her bag at any one time. It also has a strap which you can attach to the sides of the bag to wear it across the body but I think I'd prefer to wear it on my arm and show it off a little. Despite potentially being sent the wrong colour, I still absolutely love it and will probably use it until it breaks. Oh, and I may even buy the Black version. And maybe the Red. Okay, and maybe the Navy..

Update: The seller I bought this from originally doesn't sell these handbags anymore so I have updated the link to a different seller, which just so happens to be cheaper too.


  1. Good copy...I love the colour too

  2. Celine bag is fabulous. I've been wanting one forever! Great post.

  3. I've just been looking at some from ebay. Yours is beautiful!!


  4. where can I find this and purchase????