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Review: 17 Lasting Fix Nail Varnish in Forever

17 Lasting Fix Nail Varnish - £2.99
A while ago I visited my Nan in the very small market town where she lives when we decided to go for a walk. As we walked past the various charity shops and hairdressers I stopped walking. Stop the press people, there is a Boots in sight!!

Whilst my Nan bought some talc powder or whatever it is she usually buys, I bought myself a lovely little bottle of nail varnish which was 17's Lasting Fix Nail Varnish in Forever.

Forever is a lovely taupe beige, the perfect pretty nude. I don't usually wear nude colours on my nails but I will certainly be wearing them more often - I really love this neutral shade! It goes with everything and makes the nails look clean and simple.

I found I only needed two coats of this nail varnish before my nails were fully opaque which was great. What was better was that it lasted well over a week without chipping at all, very impressive.

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