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Review: L'oreal Paris Preference Wild Ombres No.3 / An Update

L'oreal Paris Preference Wild Ombres - £6.99
As you may all be aware, last September I bought L'oreal's Paris Preference Wild Ombres Hair Dye kit in the shade No.3 (review here if you were wondering!) and here is a little update and some photos.

It's been 4 months since I applied the dye to my hair and I still absolutely love it. The ombre has changed a little in colour however. I remember when I first did it it was a little ginger and my friends kept asking me why I suddenly had ginger hair but somehow over the last few months the brassiness has toned down to more of a honey blonde which is just as nice.

As expected with using hair dye it did make my hair a little dry but since I've started using Tresemme's Liquid Gold Argan Oil (review here) it's completely changed the way my hair feels so if you were thinking of using this hair dye (or any other) then I recommend using argan oil afterwards as it nourishes the hair after using the harsh chemicals.

I did say in my original post that I was thinking of buying another box of the ombre dye and making the blonde even more gradual and a little lighter but I really haven't felt the need to. I did buy another box of the dye when it was about £2.50 in ASDA for when I needed to do it again but I don't think I will need to use it. At the moment I'm perfectly happy with my hair and still loving the ombre trend.

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  1. It looks lovely! I love the ombre hair but I'm too scared to dye it myself ha! I got these instead - dip dye hair extensions They’re available at Hairtrade.com and there's some gorgeous colours. I got the dark to blonde one and they look fab! Kate x