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Tutorial: Glitter Ombre Nails

Last week I wanted something pretty and sparkly on my nails as I was fed up with plain colours and couldn't be bothered with any nail art so instead I opted to raid my glitter nail varnish box and came up with this mixture of glittery goodness.

I had originally started with a gold nail varnish from No7 painted on every nail with just the gold glitter as an accent nail but I felt like I needed more glitter in my life so added some China Glaze into the mix.

Products used were:
- Avon Revitacool Base Coat
- No7 Stay Perfect Nail Varnish in Hot To Trot
- OPI Nail Lacquer in Spark de Triomphe
- China Glaze Glitter Nail Lacquer in Lorelei's Tiara
- Evie Nail Varnish in Blue
- Sally Hansen Double Duty Top Coat

I did use a lot of nail varnishes but it's worth it, honest! I wanted a kind of ombre effect with the glitter so used some of the China Glaze Glitter Nail Lacquer in Lorelei's Tiara before layering up Evie's Blue Glitter Polish gradually but I love the final effect. I know it's a bit messy but I got a little carried away.

Fashion: Festive Jumpers

It's less than a week until Christmas and I don't think I'll be able to face the big day without wearing a festive jumper, preferably one that lights up and sings a la Bridget Jones but failing that, I've compiled a little list of a few high street festive jumpers we can try and get our hands on a few days before Christmas.
- Knitted Xmas Polar Bear Jumper/£50
- Knitted Embellished Ray Jumper/£50
- Christmas Jumper by Oh My Love/£39
- Knitted Xmas Candycane Jumper/£50
- Snowflake Sequin Sweater/£32
- Fairisle Pattern Lambswool Rich Sweater/£38
- Aztec Sweater/£30
- Pure Lambswool Snowflake Print Knitted Jumper/£49.50
- Per Una Snowflake and Stripe Jumper/£35
- Diamond Knitted Jumper with Wool/£39.50
- Blue Christmas Ski Print Jumper Dress/£40
- Cream Space Invaders Jacquard Jumper Dress/£45
- Navy Stripe Long Sleeve Jumper/£35
- Ecru Christmas Skier Pattern Jumper/£38
- Red Tokyo Laundry Chunky Fairisle Jumper/£30
- Navy Fairisle Yoke Jumper/£38
- ASOS Christmas Scene Jumper Dress/£26.50
- ASOS Christmas Jumper in Reindeer Print/£22
- ASOS Christmas Jumper with Metallic Pattern/£21

It is also worth mentioning that Primark do some great ones too if you fancy battling the crowds!

Review: eBay Nail Pearls

eBay Nail Pearls - £2.69
A while ago I bought some nail pearls off of eBay to try use on top of a nail varnish as an accent nail. I've tried these nail pearls previously but they didn't quite look right so I thought I'd give them another go.

If you type nail pearls into eBay I'm sure hundreds of listings come up. After a little search, I ended up purchasing from a seller in Hong Kong and the price was £2.69 with free shipping. The nail pearls arrived after a couple of weeks and come enclosed in a little wheel which is kind of cute. The nail pearls vary in 4 different sizes and there are hundreds of them. Hundreds. Heaven forbid I ever drop them all on the floor!

Products used were:
- Avon Revitacool Base Coat
- Avon Nailwear Pro+ Nail Varnish in Pastel Pink
- Sally Hansen Base and Top Coat
- eBay Nail Pearls 

What I did:
- First, apply a layer of your base coat and two layers of your colour - I chose Avon's Nailwear Pro+ Nail Varnish in Pastel Pink.

- Then choose which nail you're going to put the nail pearls on (If you choose to use them on all of your nails, do this process one at a time) then apply a layer of top coat.

- Let it go tacky then using either a pair of tweezers (and a steady hand!) or your finger, pick up the pearls one at a time and very carefully arrange them on your nail(s). This is very time consuming but once you get the hang of it you find you get quicker.

(If you use tweezers: be careful when picking the pearls up, especially with the very tiny pearls as they have a habit of pinging out of the tweezers and flying everywhere.)

(If you use your finger: take a few pearls out of the wheel and using a finger from the opposite hand, impress it into your finger and you can easily drop it onto your tacky top coat.)

I did my left hand with tweezers and my right hand with my finger, both looked the same! The only difference is that when using the tweezers you can be more precise than using your finger and hoping for the best.

- Once the pearls are successfully on the nail you have a bit of time before they dry so you can move a few of them if you're not happy with how they ended up but try not to move them too much as you may move the nail varnish underneath.

- Once the pearls have set on the nail, you can choose whether or not you want to apply a top coat or not. I applied a top coat just to seal them in place but looking back I wish I didn't as the top coat gets in between the pearls and I don't think it looks as nice as it does without but it's up to you.

The nail pearls last remarkably well but that may be down to the huge thick layer of top coat that sealed them in place. I managed to wear them for a week before I took it off, not because they were falling off, just because I had had enough of them. When it does come to taking them off I'd soak cotton wool in nail varnish remover and give them a scrub until they fall off. I wouldn't try using Bourjois's Magic Nail Polish Remover only because you'd probably end up with the pearls stuck in the pot.

Review: Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Crimson

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick - £1.99
I think I've mentioned it before but whenever I try and wear red lipstick I always end up looking like a child who had eaten far too many red Smartie's and smeared them all over their face. Luckily, I think I may have found a lipstick that has stopped that.

A while ago I bought a red lipstick from the Natural Collection on a whim, put it in my make-up bag and it sat there unused for months. Recently I decided to give the whole red lipstick thing a go and I'm so pleased I did. I purchased the Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Crimson.

Crimson is a gorgeous orange based red. You can either blot it on for a slight red lip or apply it all over the lips for a brighter, bolder look. I found this lipstick applied so, so, so incredibly easily. It's so opaque too, I just needed one (careful) application and I was good to go and I needn't worry about bleeding or lip liners as I didn't need it.

Unlike other lipsticks, this Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick is not drying at all, nor does it show up any dry areas on the lips however it is probably best to exfoliate beforehand just in case. Another great thing about this product is I didn't notice any transfer whilst eating or drinking however it did fade after around 3-4 hours but considering the price I think this is fantastic.

Overall, for the price of the product I can't recommend this enough. I think it's the perfect starter red lipstick, for those of us who need to edge our way in slowly without splashing out this is great.

Other: Favourite A/W Nail Varnishes

Today I'm going to be sharing my favourite A/W nail varnishes with you! When it comes to Autumn/Winter I prefer to have dark colours on my nails, saving the pastel colours for summer. These are a few of my faves!
Barry M Nail Paint in Navy - £2.99/Superdrug
Metallic navy/royal blue
Models Own Nail Varnish in Mushroom - £5/Boots
Creamy grey/taupe
No.7 Stay Perfect Nail Varnish in Damson Dream - £5.50/Boots
Shimmery mulberry
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Blackberry - £3.99/Boots
Deep creme plum
Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Snap - £13.50/Illamasqua
Metallic steely grey
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Watermelon - £3.99/Boots
Creme forest green
Nails Inc Nail Polish in Victoria - £11/Nails Inc
Deep cherry red
Barry M Nail Paint in Cappucino - £2.99/Boots
Creme dark taupe

These are my favourite winter nail varnishes but what are yours?

Review: Asda Skin System Young Skin Foaming Facial Scrub

Asda Skin System Young Skin Foaming Facial Scrub - 90p
I don't usually buy facial scrubs but the recent cold weather has made my skin incredibly dry and in need of a bit of TLC so I thought I'd buy one to get rid of some of the horrible dry areas on my skin. I didn't know which type of facial scrub to buy so I decided to buy Asda's Skin System Young Skin Foaming Facial Scrub which retails at 90p to see how it fared.

Well first things first, the packaging looks nice and simple. It doesn't look luxurious like other brands but it is 90p so we can't expect the world can we? The back of the packaging tells us all the ingredients in the product, about the product as a whole and how we should use it.
"About this product: ASDA Young Skin foaming facial scrub has been specially formulated to be part of a daily skin care regime to help youthful skin. It contains walnut shell particles to help remove dead skin cells and oil build up, leaving skin clean and pores clear."

When you squeeze the bottle, the facial scrub comes out like a fairly thick gel with small bits of walnut particles in. The main attraction to this product is the walnut particles but I don't feel like there's enough in the bottle. When applying a small amount to the face I feel like I need to use more in order to get some more scrubby bits onto the skin.

To apply this product you have to squeeze a small amount of the product into the palms of your hands and work it into your face gently, targeting any problem areas. It takes a bit of rubbing to get it to foam up but when it does it feels nice on the skin and the walnut particles aren't too harsh.

The great thing about this product is that it works! I had some horrible dry areas on my face and after using this facial scrub once there was already vast improvements with my skin and after using it twice my skin had completely cleared.

The only down side to this product is that it could do with a few more scrubby particles in it and it does take a little bit of working to get it to foam up but other than that this product is brilliant. For 90p you get such great value for money.