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Review: The Original Tangle Teezer

The Original Tangle Teezer - £10.99
I have knotty hair. Worse than knotty, if that were possible. The more I seem the brush it, the knottier it became so in the end I just stopped brushing my hair.

I tried everything. De-tangler sprays, combs, creams... none of which have worked so I finally caved and bought myself a Tangle TeezerI've always heard people rave about Tangle Teezer's and I've seen them in Boots but have always kept on walking because of the expense of them. Could my tight pockets really afford to spend £10.99 on a hairbrush? Well, eventually. I managed to pay for this brush with my Boots points which was good for me and my bank balance.

So, are Tangle Teezer's really worth it?

I tested the Tangle Teezer out on dry hair the day after I bought it and felt a little disheartened. It de-tangled my hair but I felt like the bristles weren't hard enough to get through the knots in my hair; it felt like the brush was too gentle in my hair when in fact I needed something a lot more sturdy to tear the knots apart. That being said, the Tangle Teezer didn't tug at all nor did it pull out half my head of hair which happens when I use a normal brush.

I then tested it out on dry hair and was much, much happier with the result. The Tangle Teezer combed through the hair with ease without taking clumps of hair out with it either. Lovely.

Overall, my hair is much easier to detangle with the help of the Tangle Teezer. It is fairly pricey but I imagine it will last for a long time and you get what you pay for.


  1. I would be lost without mine. I only use it on wet hair though as the bristles don't get through my hair when it's dry.

  2. I love my tangle teezer, got it about a month ago and I’ll never use another brush again! Its great for when I’ve just got out the shower as my hair gets really tangled then. I got mine from Hairtrade it seems to be the cheapest place you can get it at the moment. I wear extensions too and its great on them x