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Review: 17 Holographic Nail Polish

17 Holographic Nail Polish - £3.99
I've heard of holographic nail varnish before but it's never been high up on my to buy list so when I was in Boots recently and saw the 17 Holographic Nail Polish, I decided to buy it to see what the fuss was about!

I know people have spoken about the GOSH Holographic Nail Varnish before but as I haven't tried it I didn't know what to expect so I decided to pair 17's Holographic Nail Polish with the Barry M Nail Paint in Cappuccino to use it as an accent nail.

Products used were:
- AVON Revitacool Base Coat
- Barry M Nail Paint in Cappuccino
- 17 Holographic Nail Polish
- Sally Hansen Double Duty

I had to use two coats of the Barry M Nail Paint in Cappuccino to get fully opaque nails whereas I just needed one coat of 17's Holographic Nail Varnish as it is so opaque. The holographic nail polish dried much quicker than the Barry M Nail Paint and lasted much longer without chipping too!

The 17 Holographic Nail Polish itself is very very pretty. It does look better in the sunlight as the little particles flash multicolour when you move your hand but close up it isn't too noticeable that it's holographic. I was very proud of wearing this nail polish and tried to show as many people as I could, most of which replied with "no it's not, it's silver" so it does look better in the sunlight. 
Overall I really like this nail polish. It lasted well over a week and didn't chip at all although I'm not sure if I'd like to wear it on all 10 nails as I could see myself getting fed up with it after a few days but as an accent nail I love it.

Fashion: Winter Accessories

Hi everyone! This week's post is all about winter accessories so feast your eyes on all of these hats, scarves and gloves!
ASOS Faux Fur Pom Boyfriend Beanie - £13/link
ASOS Fur Ears Cossack Hat - £16/link
Alice Hannah Chunky Rib Headband - £22/link
ASOS Fairisle Headband - £8/link
ASOS Mix Knit Cable Boyfriend Beanie with Pom - £9.50/link
ASOS Mixed Stud Boyfriend Beanie - £12/link
ASOS Fox Print Scarf - £12/link
ASOS Wool Mix Cable Funnel Snood - £12/link
ASOS Textured Knit Snood - £12/link
ASOS Skull and Heart Print Snood - £12/link
River Island Cable Ombre Mittens - £9/link
ASOS Bow Gloves - £6/link
ASOS Lambswool Mix Fairisle Mittens - £8/link
ASOS Neon Mix Knitted Converter - £8/link
ASOS Faux Shearling Mittens with Leather Cuff - £12/link
Nude Two Tone Zig-Zag Beanie - £12/link
Sequin Beanie - £14/link
Fairisle Hat - £14/link
Grey Chunky Cable Knit Beanie - £14/link
Burgandy Mid Size Beanie - £8/link
Aztec Fairisle Snood - £18/link
Ombre Net Scarf - £16/link
Pom Pom Bobble Scarf - £22/link
Mid Weight Camo Scarf - £16/link
Textured Grunge Snood - £16/link
Cable Pom Pom Gloves - £10/link
Leather Stud Cuff Gloves - £24/link
Cable Dip Dye Mittens - £10/link
Traditional Fairisle Hand Warmers - £10/link
Cable Pom Pom Mittens - £10/link
Deep Pink Mohair Bobble Hat - £4.99/link
Cream Cable Knit Fur Trim Earmuffs - £4.99/link
Bear Pom Pom Headband - £4.99/link
Black Knitted Stud Bow Headband - £5.99/link
Stone Colour Fleck Slouchy Bobble Hat - £7.99/link
Cream Faux Fur Cossack Hat - £9.99/link
Charcoal Cross Print Snood - £7.99/link
Teens Cream Cable Knit Scarf - £8.99/link
Dark Red Wide Pom Pom Scarf - £9.99/link
Red Knitted Snood - £7.99/link
Grey and Pink Space Dyed Snood - £9.99/link
Black Leather Silver Studded Gloves - £12.99/link
Cream and Black Leopard Spots Mittens - £5.99/link
Light Brown Fur Trim Mittens - £7.99/link
Grey Fingerless Mitten Gloves - £5.99/link
Black Studded Bow Gloves - £4.99/link
Red Stars And Stripes Beanie Hat - £12/link
Black Boucle Beanie Hat - £10/link
White Animal Print Faux Fur Earmuffs - £12/link
Grey Leopard Print Pom Pom Beanie Hat - £13/link
Bright Pink And Cream Basket Weave Beanie Hat - £13/link
Green Heart Print Snood - £16/link
Red Stars And Stripes Snood - £18/link
Purple Skull Print Devore Scarf - £25/link
Khaki Lurex Snood - £22/link
Black Christmas Print Snood - £30/link

Review: Collection 2000 Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream in Cotton Candy

Last year Collection 2000 brought out the Collection 2000 Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream which proved to be very popular so I thought I'd give my two cents as well.

I picked up the Collection 2000 Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream in Cotton Candy which is a lovely dusky, muted pink. The first thing I noticed when I twisted the lid off was the smell. I can't stand sickly sweet smells and good gosh this is bad. It smells a lot like candy (like the name) but in an even sicklier, sweeter form. If you don't mind sweet smelling scents then this won't phase you but honestly, I found it so bad that I didn't want to apply it.

You apply using a doe foot application which makes applying incredibly easily, one quick swipe and you're done. I found I needed just one coat to get an opaque colour on my lips so a little goes a long way as it is very opaque.
Cotton Candy (and the other 3 shades) dries matte which is great for all of you matte lip lovers out there! However, as it does dry matte it does show up dry areas on the lips so applying balm and exfoliating is a must beforehand. On the lips is doesn't feel too drying, it's definitely no Barry M Lip Paint that's for sure! I found that Cotton Candy lasted about 1/2 hours before wearing completely.

Overall, for £2.99 I think these little lip creams are great. Yes the smell is awful and it does show up dry areas and it isn't the most of lasting lip products but for £2.99 you can't go wrong.

Other // My Favourite Scents

Little bit of a different post from me today. I usually try to steer away from writing about scents and perfumes as there's no way I can possibly translate a smell into words, it's impossible. One thing I can write about is the scents that I like. I like clean, simple, floral scents. I don't like heavy, sweet scents as my stomach can't seem to handle them and they make me want to heave (lovely image for you all there) so light, clean scents are my go-to.

Here is a few of my favourite scents and a few words to describe them.
Look by Vera Wang - £19.95 for 100ML via FragranceDirect
"Look introduces notes of mandarin, watery greens, litchi and golden delicious apples in the top notes. The heart incorporates lilly, freesia and jasmine whilst the base notes introduce a rhapsody of sweet vanilla, musk, oak moss and patchouli."

I'm not going to lie, I'm not sure what patchouli is or how they even bottle oak moss but what I do know is that Look by Vera Wang is possibly my favourite scent ever. It's very light, not heavy at all although it is a little sweeter than the scents I've liked previously however it's not overpowering in any way. This scent is perfect for spring/summer though the bad side to this perfume is that they don't sell it anymore and you can only get it online. I've almost finished this bottle and will be buying another very soon.
Daisy by Marc Jacobs - £48.99 for 100ML via FragranceDirect
"Daisy caresses with fruity strawberry notes, intensive green aroma of violet leaf and sparkling spicy pink grapefruit. It's heart beats in floral rhythm, composed of silky and intoxicating gardenia, delicate violet and jasmine petals. The powdery soft dry down is composed of white woods, vanilla and musk."

Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a bit deeper than Look by Vera Wang but much less sweet. Once again it's much more suited to the day and more of a spring/summer scent. It's much fruitier than the other perfumes I mention which makes it a bit more unique. I know this is a very popular perfume so if you haven't tried it already get yourself down to a department store and give it a try.
L'Eau de Chloe - £31.50 for 30ML via FragranceDirect
"L'Eau de Chloe features sparkling citrus accords reminiscent of refreshing lemonade, accords of rose petals and natural distilled rose water that gives a dewy character to the fragrance with a warm and elegant veil provided by patchouli."

Out of all the scents I focus on today, L'Eau de Chloe screams spring and summer. It's light, citrus-y and reminds me of lazy summer days. If you were after the perfect scent for summer I would recommend this to you immediately. I know Chloe have produced a few other scents and I had originally wanted the original but after a lot of thought I felt it were too heavy and sweet for me so this perfume is so up my street. It's lovely and feminine, albeit a little sweeter than the other perfumes I have but not overpowering in any way.
Giorgio Armani Code for Women - £33.99 for 30ML via FragranceDirect
"Giorgio Armani Code for women is a soft, floral scent, opening with top notes of African bitter orange and sweet Italian orange, flowing into a heart of Tunisian orange blossom absolute and jasmine sambac, atop a base of orange blossom, vanilla and honey."

Giorgio Armani Code is the only scent that I own that is more suited towards night time rather than the day. It's much deeper than the other scents I've featured and dare I say it, it makes me feel a bit more grown up when I wear it. It smells sort of mysterious and intriguing, if that were possible. It smells very soft and floral but deep and powering at the same time. Some people even described this scent as being sensual and I'd agree.

I wouldn't necessarily take my word for all of this, I'd really recommend you try them out for yourselves as we all have different tastes and the perfumes that I love may be the ones you can't stand. I also recommend you spray the perfume that you like on your skin before you buy it as I know some perfumes don't smell so great on some people than it will do on others so it's worth trying before you buy.

Review: The Original Tangle Teezer

The Original Tangle Teezer - £10.99
I have knotty hair. Worse than knotty, if that were possible. The more I seem the brush it, the knottier it became so in the end I just stopped brushing my hair.

I tried everything. De-tangler sprays, combs, creams... none of which have worked so I finally caved and bought myself a Tangle TeezerI've always heard people rave about Tangle Teezer's and I've seen them in Boots but have always kept on walking because of the expense of them. Could my tight pockets really afford to spend £10.99 on a hairbrush? Well, eventually. I managed to pay for this brush with my Boots points which was good for me and my bank balance.

So, are Tangle Teezer's really worth it?

I tested the Tangle Teezer out on dry hair the day after I bought it and felt a little disheartened. It de-tangled my hair but I felt like the bristles weren't hard enough to get through the knots in my hair; it felt like the brush was too gentle in my hair when in fact I needed something a lot more sturdy to tear the knots apart. That being said, the Tangle Teezer didn't tug at all nor did it pull out half my head of hair which happens when I use a normal brush.

I then tested it out on dry hair and was much, much happier with the result. The Tangle Teezer combed through the hair with ease without taking clumps of hair out with it either. Lovely.

Overall, my hair is much easier to detangle with the help of the Tangle Teezer. It is fairly pricey but I imagine it will last for a long time and you get what you pay for.

Review: Barry M Glitter Nail Paint in Pink Sapphire

Barry M Glitter Nail Paint - £2.99
If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll understand that I am a big, big fan of nail varnish so if I spot a pretty, sparkly polish in Boots that I am unfamiliar with, I will snap it up in a shot.

I bought the Barry M Glitter Nail Paint in Pink Sapphire recently and I love it. Pink Sapphire is a clear based nail varnish crammed with hexagon shaped pink holographic glitter with smaller specs added in too. You can either layer it up to wear it on it's own or wear it over another polish like I did.

Products I used:
Avon Revitacool Base Coat
- Models Own Nail Varnish in Utopia
- Barry M Glitter Nail Paint in Pink Sapphire
- Seche Vite Top Coat

I chose to use the Models Own Nail Varnish in Utopia as I thought the colours would go together, which they do, but I think this Barry M Glitter Nail Paint would look great over nude/white/black nails too. I used two coats of this nail varnish as I wanted an even amount of glitter on each nail. Overall I absolutely love this nail polish, it's cheap, applies well and it can liven up a plain nail.