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Fashion: Coats

I struggle so badly when it comes to buying a coat. So much so that I don't even own one. When I was younger I used to wear a huge black monstrosity with a big faux-fur lined hood that my mum bought me from a Topshop sale when I was about 13. It's still hanging up in the hallway, all these years later. What can I say? I am from a family of hoarders.

Then, when I was 16, I went on a school trip to New York so it was decided that I should buy myself a decent coat for the chilly temperatures I would be facing in NYC at the beginning of January. I went to New Look with my mum and bought a very smart looking long, tweed coat. Looking back it was a bit old fashioned and I only ever wear it these days when I go out with my Nan so she knows I'm not getting hypothermia so I need to get a new, fashionable winter coat and pronto!

This morning my mum and I ventured out to the shops - she chose to wear a blue waterproof jacket and I chose to wear a thin beige cardigan from H&M. It was only when my hair was getting tangled up and my mascara literally being swept away off my face due to the wind that I realised 'I need a coat, and urgently!'

So this week I'm going to be focusing on which coats the high street have to offer us this winter! 
- Textured Fur Collar Boyfriend Coat - £110
- MOTO Stag Blanket Duffle Coat - £90
- Military Piped Girly Coat - £95
- Burgandy Washable Belted Skirted Biker Coat - £49.99
- Black Notch Collar Melton Coat - £49.99
- Navy PU Trim Longline Biker Coat - £54.99
- Navy Military Boyfriend Coat - £80
- Grey Faux Fur Collar PU Boyfriend Coat - £85
- Black Double Layer Parka - £100
- Khaki 2 in 1 Parka Jacket - £110
- Grey Herringbone Boyfriend Coat - £70
- Light Brown PU Sleeve Trench Coat - £85
- Navy 4 Pocket Detail Parka - £75
- Textured Car Coat - £85
- Aubergine Duffle Trim Coat - £80
- Longline PU Sleeve Wool Coat - £69
- Navy Sparkle Boucle Coat - £69
Camel PU Sleeve Slimline Coat - £69

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