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Personal: Teddy

Little bit of a different post for you today. This post is all about my gorgeous little puppy Teddy and his first few months with us. I hope it won't bore you all to death. At the moment Teddy is 9 months old, has a sheer dislike to Cheerios and follows me around like I'm God's gift sent from heaven. He likes to sit beside me when I use the bathroom and likes to jump up and try to get in the bath with me. He humps my leg in the evenings when he's the most randiest and he likes to chew my hairbands when they're in my hair. This is his little story so far!

Since I was about 10 I have always wanted a Pomeranian puppy. It got to the stage where every week I would go to the library and borrow books on how to look after them and how they behaved.. It worked for my sister with a goldfish so it would work for me too, right?? Ah, no. Sadly puppies require more responsibility than goldfish, much to my dismay.

In March one evening I was casually looking up 'pomeranian puppies for sale' on Google when I came across the advert for Pomchon puppies for sale. Weird enough the couple selling them lived about 15 minutes away from my house. Fate, fate! I didn't really think anything would come of it as I casually left the image of the puppies on the ironing board the next day as my mum was ironing. She said she'd think about it and I thought that would be it. Later that day we were at my aunts for lunch where I mentioned about the very cute little puppies, showed them the photo and my mum picked up the phone and rang the couple there and then. An hour later we were at their house visiting the cute little white puppy they had left, I picked him up, he cuddled me and I literally fell in love. HE CUDDLED ME!! You can't not get a puppy that cuddles you, can you?

We had to wait an excruciatingly long 2 and a half weeks before we were able to bring him home as he was too young to be taken from his mum. We went to pick him up and he sat on my lap on the way home, crying the whole way. I felt absolutely awful. He was so tiny when he came home that he couldn't get into the house from the back garden as the step was far too high and he cried until we picked him up. *Squeals over the memory*

As he is part Bichon Frise part Pomeranian, he isn't the most common of looking dogs. He has a Pomeranian's nose and his body is the golden colour like a Pomeranian but the rest of him is Bichon - his head and his legs are white and he's built like a Bichon so he's quite stocky. A lady came up to me the other day when I was walking him, told me he was very cute but then went on to ask why he was so chubby!! Cheeky so-and-so. I tried not to take too much offence as the lady who said it had lipstick on her teeth.
Before Teddy's first hair cut he used to have a fringe aka 'curtains' which made me realise how much he looks like Ben from A1! Check out that resemblance! Someone said to my sister the other day that he looks like Helen Mirren which I can't say I agree with but he does look at me sometimes with a resemblance to Ed Sheeran

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  1. I'm dying to get a dog! I'd love a Mulitpoo, cockapoo or a Jack russle! I've always wanted a dog! Yours is soo cute though! :') xx