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Review: eBay Eyelashes

eBay Eyelashes - 99p
A while ago I plucked up the courage to buy some false eyelashes. I've never worn them before and didn't really want to spend £6 on a pair of Eylure's in case I hated them so I turned to eBay. Type 'false lashes' into eBay and hundreds of listings comes up. I didn't know which ones to go for so after a bit of searching I came across 10 pairs for 99p. 10 pairs for 99p!

The seller I bought from was selling lots of different types of eyelashes, all varying in length and thickness. I decided to buy two boxes in the numbers 28 and 18. It is also worth noting that most of the eyelashes sold in bulk on eBay are from Hong Kong therefore the ones I ordered took 17 days to arrive.

Both boxes of eyelashes I bought look very familiar. They are both thick and full looking, definitely not subtle at all. I decided to start off with the more subtle of the pair. After heading out to buy eyelash glue, I was ready to give them a try.

 I had to cut the eyelashes down to size then I put a little bit of eyelash glue onto the lash line, blew on it, waved it around in the air for 20 seconds until it went tacky then carefully tried to apply it as close to my real lash line as possible. Then I realised I had applied the eyelash upside down. After muttering to myself I carefully peeled it off, applied a little more glue, waved it around in the air then stuck it down once again. This time I applied it the right way up but not close enough to my lash line. I repeated this process 5 times until I was mildly happy with the result. I could have gotten a little closer still but by that point my eye was getting sore so I decided to try the other eyelash for my left eye.

My left eye was much, much trickier. Yes it would probably help if I could see properly out of my right eye but I gave it a go. It took less turns to get the eyelash on although after applying it one end became unstuck but I quite liked the disheveled look so I left it like that! (I kid, I kid)

A few things I noticed when applying was you had to be certain to apply it in the exact place as otherwise you get a bit of plastic stuck in your eye which isn't too pleasant. I didn't find the eyelash itself to be too hard or plastic-y, it bended nicely and fitted my eye well but it didn't feel natural on the eye and I could feel that they were there.

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  1. I love wearing false eyelashes, and i often buy the packs of Ebay because i refuse to spend an absolute fortune on them for one pair.

    ELF also do really good eyelashes for fairly cheap!
    Natalie xx