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Fashion: Coats

I struggle so badly when it comes to buying a coat. So much so that I don't even own one. When I was younger I used to wear a huge black monstrosity with a big faux-fur lined hood that my mum bought me from a Topshop sale when I was about 13. It's still hanging up in the hallway, all these years later. What can I say? I am from a family of hoarders.

Then, when I was 16, I went on a school trip to New York so it was decided that I should buy myself a decent coat for the chilly temperatures I would be facing in NYC at the beginning of January. I went to New Look with my mum and bought a very smart looking long, tweed coat. Looking back it was a bit old fashioned and I only ever wear it these days when I go out with my Nan so she knows I'm not getting hypothermia so I need to get a new, fashionable winter coat and pronto!

This morning my mum and I ventured out to the shops - she chose to wear a blue waterproof jacket and I chose to wear a thin beige cardigan from H&M. It was only when my hair was getting tangled up and my mascara literally being swept away off my face due to the wind that I realised 'I need a coat, and urgently!'

So this week I'm going to be focusing on which coats the high street have to offer us this winter! 
- Textured Fur Collar Boyfriend Coat - £110
- MOTO Stag Blanket Duffle Coat - £90
- Military Piped Girly Coat - £95
- Burgandy Washable Belted Skirted Biker Coat - £49.99
- Black Notch Collar Melton Coat - £49.99
- Navy PU Trim Longline Biker Coat - £54.99
- Navy Military Boyfriend Coat - £80
- Grey Faux Fur Collar PU Boyfriend Coat - £85
- Black Double Layer Parka - £100
- Khaki 2 in 1 Parka Jacket - £110
- Grey Herringbone Boyfriend Coat - £70
- Light Brown PU Sleeve Trench Coat - £85
- Navy 4 Pocket Detail Parka - £75
- Textured Car Coat - £85
- Aubergine Duffle Trim Coat - £80
- Longline PU Sleeve Wool Coat - £69
- Navy Sparkle Boucle Coat - £69
Camel PU Sleeve Slimline Coat - £69

Review: eBay Eyelashes

eBay Eyelashes - 99p
A while ago I plucked up the courage to buy some false eyelashes. I've never worn them before and didn't really want to spend £6 on a pair of Eylure's in case I hated them so I turned to eBay. Type 'false lashes' into eBay and hundreds of listings comes up. I didn't know which ones to go for so after a bit of searching I came across 10 pairs for 99p. 10 pairs for 99p!

The seller I bought from was selling lots of different types of eyelashes, all varying in length and thickness. I decided to buy two boxes in the numbers 28 and 18. It is also worth noting that most of the eyelashes sold in bulk on eBay are from Hong Kong therefore the ones I ordered took 17 days to arrive.

Both boxes of eyelashes I bought look very familiar. They are both thick and full looking, definitely not subtle at all. I decided to start off with the more subtle of the pair. After heading out to buy eyelash glue, I was ready to give them a try.

 I had to cut the eyelashes down to size then I put a little bit of eyelash glue onto the lash line, blew on it, waved it around in the air for 20 seconds until it went tacky then carefully tried to apply it as close to my real lash line as possible. Then I realised I had applied the eyelash upside down. After muttering to myself I carefully peeled it off, applied a little more glue, waved it around in the air then stuck it down once again. This time I applied it the right way up but not close enough to my lash line. I repeated this process 5 times until I was mildly happy with the result. I could have gotten a little closer still but by that point my eye was getting sore so I decided to try the other eyelash for my left eye.

My left eye was much, much trickier. Yes it would probably help if I could see properly out of my right eye but I gave it a go. It took less turns to get the eyelash on although after applying it one end became unstuck but I quite liked the disheveled look so I left it like that! (I kid, I kid)

A few things I noticed when applying was you had to be certain to apply it in the exact place as otherwise you get a bit of plastic stuck in your eye which isn't too pleasant. I didn't find the eyelash itself to be too hard or plastic-y, it bended nicely and fitted my eye well but it didn't feel natural on the eye and I could feel that they were there.

Review: Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Watermelon

Both my sister and I are big nail varnish fans so when I got home from my holiday and heard her bragging about a gel-like nail varnish she had recently bought, I knew I had to get my hands on one of them too! She was talking about the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints so I immediately went out and bought one in the shade Watermelon.

Watermelon appears a mossy dark green in the bottle and on the nails but once photographed it looks like a navy but it is in fact green. I've never tried a gel nail varnish before but these Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints are Shellac inspired. They aren't a gel base but they leave a high shine like a gel manicure without the expense and you can do it yourself from your own home however they won't last as long.

I didn't know what to expect when I applied this nail varnish but the formula seems much thicker and more opaque than a normal nail varnish. One coat was all I needed. The Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints apply incredibly easy and like the title suggests, they leave a very high shine on the nails which looks lovely.

The only problem I had with these was how long they lasted. I applied the famous Seche Vite Top Coat after applying Watermelon and it chipped pretty much a few hours later which is a real shame as it looked so lovely.

Review: L'oreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipstick in Lovely Rose

Today I have another L'oreal Paris Rogue Caresse Lipstick to review for you all. When I picked up Dating Coral (review here) I also picked up the shade Lovely Rose and it really lives up to it's name, it's lovely!

Lovely Rose is a very creamy, light baby pink. I find myself reaching for this shade when I want something on my lips but nothing with too much colour. 

The L'oreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipsticks apply so easily, they are very pigmented, one quick swipe and you're ready to go. I tend to apply Lovely Rose to the middle of my lips then I blend it out with my finger.

As the L'oreal Paris Rogue Caresse Lipsticks are cross between a balm and a lipstick it means that they aren't awfully drying either. I do tend to have a bit of a problem with lipsticks as I don't like the heavy feeling on my lips but these lipsticks are so lightweight you completely forget you're wearing anything. It does seem to highlight some dry areas on the lips but a little lip balm and an occasional exfoliate works wonders.

Fashion: Winter Boots

I have a huge wardrobe problem. I wish I could be one of those people who have summer clothes and winter clothes set out in separate wardrobes surrounded by winter bags and summer bags but I'm just not that organised.

I wear my summer clothes in winter and my winter clothes in summer. It's a sin, I know. This morning I ventured out in the rain wearing sandals. Because of this I have started a few new blog posts featuring the best high street boots/coats/skirts etc so hopefully those of you like me who still want to wear thin short skirts in winter will know which alternatives we all have!

For the first post I shall be featuring the best winter ankle boots - let's take a look!

- Mighty Black Leather Zip Boots - £45
- Prairie3 Velvet Ankle Boots - £110
- Accolade Devore Chelsea Boots - £65
- April Classic Chelsea Boots - £62
- Millicent Stud Back Black Boots - £40
- Amos Pull On Chelsea Boots - £62
- Osborn Flat Foldover Tan Lace Ankle Boots - £185
- ASOS Altitude Leather Jodhpur Ankle Boots - £55
- ASOS Abba Western Ankle Boots - £35
- ASOS Abacus Suede Chelsea Ankle Boots - £40
- Oasis Metal Ankle Boots - £68
- Bertie Proudlock Black Zip Ankle Boots - £110
- Montecristi Natural Short Zip Side Ankle Boots - £80
- Podujeve Ankle Boots - £90
- Froande Ankle Boots - £90
- Esmena Ankle Boots - £120
- Boeken Ankle Boots - £90
- Gili Ankle Boots - £80
- Contrast Chelsea Boots - £30
- Black Zip Side Boots - £40
- Black Studded Biker Boots - £75
- Black Short Studded Ankle Boots - £65
- Black Square Toe Block Heel Boots - £70
- Black Leather Zip Heeled Ankle Boots - £59.99
- Limited Black Leather Western Ankle Boots - £49.99
- Blink Black Leather Tassel Studded Ankle Boots - £69.99
- Tan Leather Skull Ankle Boots - £59.99
- Black Leather Ankle Biker Boots - £59.99
- Black Studded Buckle Biker Boot - £27.99
- Dusk Till Dawn Beige Suede Ankle Boots - £30
- Delano Chelsea Black PU Ankle Boots - £65
- Undoing Tan Leather Ankle Boots - £85
H by Hudson Rosse Ankle Boot - £150
- Dazed Contrast Chelsea Boot - £85
- Dextor Strap Ankle Boot - £80

Which are your favourites?

Personal: Teddy

Little bit of a different post for you today. This post is all about my gorgeous little puppy Teddy and his first few months with us. I hope it won't bore you all to death. At the moment Teddy is 9 months old, has a sheer dislike to Cheerios and follows me around like I'm God's gift sent from heaven. He likes to sit beside me when I use the bathroom and likes to jump up and try to get in the bath with me. He humps my leg in the evenings when he's the most randiest and he likes to chew my hairbands when they're in my hair. This is his little story so far!

Since I was about 10 I have always wanted a Pomeranian puppy. It got to the stage where every week I would go to the library and borrow books on how to look after them and how they behaved.. It worked for my sister with a goldfish so it would work for me too, right?? Ah, no. Sadly puppies require more responsibility than goldfish, much to my dismay.

In March one evening I was casually looking up 'pomeranian puppies for sale' on Google when I came across the advert for Pomchon puppies for sale. Weird enough the couple selling them lived about 15 minutes away from my house. Fate, fate! I didn't really think anything would come of it as I casually left the image of the puppies on the ironing board the next day as my mum was ironing. She said she'd think about it and I thought that would be it. Later that day we were at my aunts for lunch where I mentioned about the very cute little puppies, showed them the photo and my mum picked up the phone and rang the couple there and then. An hour later we were at their house visiting the cute little white puppy they had left, I picked him up, he cuddled me and I literally fell in love. HE CUDDLED ME!! You can't not get a puppy that cuddles you, can you?

We had to wait an excruciatingly long 2 and a half weeks before we were able to bring him home as he was too young to be taken from his mum. We went to pick him up and he sat on my lap on the way home, crying the whole way. I felt absolutely awful. He was so tiny when he came home that he couldn't get into the house from the back garden as the step was far too high and he cried until we picked him up. *Squeals over the memory*

As he is part Bichon Frise part Pomeranian, he isn't the most common of looking dogs. He has a Pomeranian's nose and his body is the golden colour like a Pomeranian but the rest of him is Bichon - his head and his legs are white and he's built like a Bichon so he's quite stocky. A lady came up to me the other day when I was walking him, told me he was very cute but then went on to ask why he was so chubby!! Cheeky so-and-so. I tried not to take too much offence as the lady who said it had lipstick on her teeth.
Before Teddy's first hair cut he used to have a fringe aka 'curtains' which made me realise how much he looks like Ben from A1! Check out that resemblance! Someone said to my sister the other day that he looks like Helen Mirren which I can't say I agree with but he does look at me sometimes with a resemblance to Ed Sheeran

Outfits: Black and White

I have been after the perfect pair of black skinny jeans for ages and I finally found the perfect pair for me whilst in H&M on my holiday. When I was buying my jeans I also came across this lovely white jumper. I tried it on with a plain tank top underneath and with the jeans and immediately fell in love with the whole look.
What I wore:
White Tank Top (not seen): New Look
White Jumper: H&M
Black Skinny Jeans: H&M
Black Pumps: New Look
Bracelet: Market Stall
Watch: Debenhams

You may also be able to see that I've managed to lose a bit of weight over the past few months. From January to June I managed to lose 2 stone which is a huge achievement for me. Some days I feel like putting it all back on again but at the moment I'm happy with the way I am, if I knew all it would take was for me to lose weight then I would have done it a long time ago.

Review: Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Rose Petal

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick - £1.99
A while ago whilst browsing in Boots I thought I'd take a look at the Natural Collection stand. The last time I bought anything from Natural Collection was when I was about 14 and first started to want to use make-up. I remember buying a bottle of foundation 3 shades too dark for my skin, poured it into my hands then rubbed it on my face - no wonder everyone laughed at me. I decided to steer clear of the foundations this time round and chose a lipstick instead. I picked a lipstick in the shade Rose Petal.

Rose Petal is a lovely, creamy soft pink with a hint of coral. It's very pretty and very natural looking. Once applied I don't find this lipstick too drying on the lips, a Barry M Lip Paint it is not! The lipstick is called a Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick but I would say it looks matte once applied. It does show up areas of dry skin on the lips but it isn't as bad as other lipstick brands.

It is worth noting the packaging to these lipsticks. Natural Collection is an inexpensive drug store brand ie, it's cheap therefore the packaging is cheap. I haven't had any problems with my Rose Petal lipstick yet but as I liked this lipstick so much, I bought another one in a different shade, got it home and tried it then when I was twisting the lipstick back down it snapped in half and fell on the floor to be covered in dog fur - nice.

Overall, I really like this lipstick and for £1.99 you really can't go wrong. Yes the packaging looks cheap but you're paying less than £2, what do you expect?! The formula and the colour of the lipstick itself is really really great and to be honest, I prefer this lipstick to ones from a more expensive brand! Well worth trying.