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Brand Focus: Nasty Gal

I hadn't ever heard of the brand Nasty Gal before, the first time I heard of it was when I saw an advert for it when I was on a website cheating at scrabble browsing the internet recently. I immediately clicked the advert and was led to their website where I fell in love with EVERYTHING. If I had an unlimited amount of money then I would buy one of everything.

If you, like me, had never heard of them then Nasty Gal is an online fashion brand based in the US. Nasty Gal have an amazing range of statement shoes. Some that I would wear, some that would look great in my wardrobe and some that I would want displaying on a shelf in my bedroom as they're so eye-catching.

Kia Ankle Boot - £113.75 / Brava Spike Boot - £142.19 / Avalos Platform Boot - £110.59
Elke Platform - £113.39 / Audrey Platform Wedge - £98.74 / Spellbound Platform - £60.52
Rum Moto Boot - £111.48 / Spike Platform Boot - £119.76 / Bolt Platform Shoe - £183.47
Shoreline Knit - £25.86 / Button Up Bustier Dress - £34.78 / Sunrise Knit - £25.86
Haven Knit - £43.32 / Bright Side Blouse - £12.10 / On Point Striped Jacket - £43.32
Banana Split Tee - £30.32 / Firefly Dress - £25.86 / Fancy Bones Tee - £43.32

I could go on but you'll have to see for yourself by clicking here.
It is also worth noting that you have to pay roughly around £9.50 to get your items shipped to the UK.

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  1. Ohh my word! I LOVE Nasty Gal's stock. This is dangerous for me to be looking at haha! Literally love it ALL

    Robyn Mayday