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Review: L'oreal Super Liner Luminizer Eyeliner for Brown Eyes

L'oreal Super Liner Luminizer Eyeliner for Brown Eyes - £6.49 
You may have read my last post on L'oreal where I mentioned that I spent over £15 on L'oreal products and I got a little cute gift box of goodies for free (you can read this post here). Today I'm reviewing one of the products from the gift box and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

The first product I'm reviewing from the little gift box is L'oreal's Super Liner Luminizer Eyeliner which states is for Brown eyes. These eyeliners come in three different versions which are supposed to enhance three different eye shades - Blue, Hazel and Green.  I received the eyeliner most suited for Brown eyes, which I do not have although nothing untoward happened when I used the eyeliner which wasn't meant for me.
The website states that all of these eyeliners are an off black colour which has light reflecting particles throughout it and the statement is completely true. When swatched you can see the eyeliner is an almost black liquid with little blue and silver particles in which help to enhance your eye colour. 

Onto the eyeliner itself. Unlike my beloved L'oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim Eyeliner (review here) this eyeliner has a different type of nib to it. Super Slim has a really thin nib which is perfect for getting a precise thin neat line on your eyelid whereas this nib starts off relatively thin but then gets thicker, meaning you could use the tip to get a thin, precise line (you'd need a steady hand to do so!) or you can slant the pen so you can get a thick line. The only problem to this is I start off using it wanting just a subtle line of eyeliner on my eyelids but end up with great big lines all the way round my eyes. I was really impressed with the results. Unlike Super Slim, this eyeliner doesn't transfer onto the top of the eyelid which isn't the end of the earth but it is a little annoying when you go out in public without checking the state of your eyelids.

The L'oreal Super Liner Luminizer Eyeliner is easy to apply, dries fairly quickly and lasts literally all day. I went out last week and applied this eyeliner at 8AM and at 11PM it was still in the exact same position in which I applied it. Perfect! However, all the best things in life have a few little niggles. When I dip the pen into the base to pick up some more eyeliner, apply it, put it back in the base to get some more eyeliner nothing really comes out. When you try and use it again the eyeliner comes out very very lightly and appears a very dull black therefore you have to put the lid back on and shake it and it works properly again. Nothing too major but I find I have to put the lid back on and shake it quite a few times before my eyes are completely lined. The Eyeliner also feels a little wet on the eyelids but as long as it doesn't transfer then I have no complaints.


  1. Thanks for the review. I bought the product & i thought maybe they fleeced me with an old piece as I also had to shake it for any eyeliner to come out in the wand. Good to know this the basic nature of the beast... :)

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