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First Glance: L'oreal Paris Preference Wild Ombres No.3

A while ago I remember hearing somewhere that L'oreal were bringing out an at home dip-dye kit. I could have jumped with joy when I heard this as I have been wanting to get my hair dip-dyed (or ombre'd if you like) for what feels like forever. In January I finally plucked up the courage to get my blonde locks dip-dyed and gave my hairdresser a bunch of photos of dip-dyed hair, sat back in the chair and awaited my hair to look so much more fashionable that I'd step outside my front door and instantly get asked what I did to achieve my very lovely ombre hair. Sadly that didn't happen. My hairdresser got a little confused, dyed half of my hair brown and left my old blonde hair underneath. It took me a good few hours to pluck up the courage to look in a mirror. And I was not happy.

8 months later and the blonde is finally growing out. At the moment the blonde is half way down my hair so I am finally getting the ombre look that I so desired but as the blonde is underneath, you can't really see it. Thankfully the other day I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw someone had posted a photo of the L'oreal Preference Wild Ombre dye that has finally been released after much anticipation from me.

There are three shades to choose from. No.1 - Light Brown to Dark Brown. No.2 - Dark Blonde to Medium Brown. No.3 - Blonde to Dark Blonde. I did get a little confused as to which colour to buy as when I was younger I was incredibly blonde but then my hair started getting a bit darker so I dyed it blonde again, then I got it dyed dark brown when the above fiasco happened. I dyed it dark brown in January and I haven't had to re-dye my roots as they haven't appeared so I bought the shade No.3.

This is such an exciting new hair dye for those who have wanted to get their hair dip-dyed without wanting to spend £60+ at a salon. I can't wait to use this product and you will all find out how I got on!


  1. Great review!

    my ombre hair has faded so i was thinking of buying this

    Cant wait to see the finished result :) xxx

  2. I want to buy this today so any chance of a quick review?

  3. Do all of these turn your hair blonde at the ends? And does the box number apply to your hair colour or the colour you want it to dip dye your hair? :')

    1. Thank you for the comment! It does go blonde at the ends but you have to make sure to do the tips! The tips of my hair are the blondest part but that's because I tried making sure I wouldn't forget them :) The box number applies to the colour of your hair at the moment so if you had really dark hair you'd get No.1 I think it is :) Hope this helps!