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Fashion: Embellishments and Studs

I don't know about you but ever since studs and embellished clothing has become 'in' recently, I can't seem to get enough of it. If I see a studded collared shirt in a shop I'm there like a moth to a flame. I'm also slowly making my way into buying clothing that have been embellished with crystals, beads, glitzy stones etc however I am cautious with that one as I haven't worn purple stones on my clothing since I bought flared jeans with butterfly stitching at the knees when I was 7 and to be honest, I wouldn't want to make that same mistake again.

I know wearing clothes with studs and crystals on can be a bit 'argh!' especially as we don't want to look like we got turned away from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding so I'm going to show you what some of our favourite online stores have to offer us with their studded and embellished clothing and luckily there is no butterfly stitching and crystallised antenna in sight!

Studded Sleeve Vest - £35/link
Embellished Collar Peplum Top - £32/link
Embellished Skater Dress by Coco's Fortune - £59/link
Stud Collar Dress by Sister Jane - £75/link
MOTO Khaki Studded Bralet - £35/link
Maveriq Heavy Studded Slippers - £32/link
Bead Collar Sweat - £38/link
Leather Studded and Clip Bag - £85/link
Galactic Studded Court Heels - £60/link
Premium Studded Leather Purse - £30/link
Arlette Stud Bust Peplum Dress - £32.99/link
Ludorica Jewelled Bralet - £22.99/link
Ottavia Stud Trim Skater Dress - £32.99/link
Agostina Studded Mesh Insert Dress - £24.99/link
Clotilde Suede Stud Embellished Boots - £40.99/link
Adelie Suede Stud Ankle Boots - £34.99/link
Polly Glitter Stud Slippers - £34.99/link
Gwinea Suede Spike Toe Platform Heels - £32.99/link
Roselle Suede Spiked Platform Wedges - £40.99/link
Ornella Suede Spiked Inward Curve Wedges - £45.99/link
Tiziana Leather Stud Chelsea Boots - £37.99/link
Black Stud Oversized T-Shirt - £30/link
Khaki Studded Army Gilet - £55/link
Light Bleach Denim Super Short Hotpants - £35/link
Grey Studded Clutch - £20/link
Black Studded Bodycon Dress - £30/link
White Sleeveless Stud and Chain Shirt - £25/link
Black Studded Strappy Sandals - £65/link
Black Studded Real Leather Biker Jacket - £69.99/link
Khaki Green Aztec Studded Vest - £12.99/link
Black Studded Back Ankle Boots - £39.99/link
Gold Stud Twist Rope Bracelet - £2.99
Black Cross Studded Tank Top - £12.99/link
Club L Black Embellished Leggings - £14.99/link
Influence Black Metal Tipped Collar Sleeveless Shirt - £19.99/link
Blink Stone Studded Hidden Wedge Hi-Tops - £64.99/link
Grey Studded Heel Pumps - £17.99


  1. You have picked some really amazing pieces, they are all so pretty! LOVE the pink Topshop dress though x