Brand Focus: Topshop #2

Lilac Lace Peter Pan Dress - £25/link
Millicent Stud Back Boots - £40/link
Contrast Sleeve Army Jacket - £65/link
Texture Pleat Tunic - £26/link
Melinda Mesh Point Shoes - £30/link
Sleeveless Boucle Peplum Top - £25/link
Co-ord Mint Boucle Skirt  - £38/link
Glaze in Dash - £6/link
Longsleeve Floaty Drop Hem Top - £35/link
Leather Studded and Clip Bag - £85/link
Cross Print Leggings - £20/link
Side Panel Wet Look Leggings - £20/link
Mighty Black Leather Zip Boots - £45/link

I really need to win the lottery or something to be able to buy everything I want from Topshop. If only I could swap lives with Chloe Green.


  1. Love the peplum top, bag, black shoes and mint skirt. Some wonderful picks there.

    Oh and mmmm cupcakes!I know what you mean about 'low fat'..never as good!

    Karys x

    1. I want it all! :( If I'm gonna indulge in a cupcake it may as well be full of fat and E numbers, tastes better that way!xx

  2. I bought the jacket as soon as as I saw it in store! Its beautiful :) I love the mesh shoes, I've never seen anything like them before, might have to order myself a pair! x

  3. Hi, I love reading your blog, and I've nominated you for the Liebster Award :) the rules and details are on my blog :)

  4. Love those cross leggings!
    ps. Love your blog I'd love if we'd start following each other :)


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