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Review: Maybelline Dream Terra Sun Bronzing Powder in Light Bronze

Just before I went on holiday I went on a hunt for a bronzer. I've never tried or used a bronzer before so I wasn't entirely sure what I was looking for and I didn't really want to spend too much either. I went to ASDA in hope of finding one and luckily for me there was an offer on Maybelline's Dream Terra Sun Bronzing Powder so I decided to pick one of those up in hope that it would be right for me.

Unfortunately the only colours available in ASDA were Light Bronze or Dark. I didn't want my skin to look too dark or muddy but also, as I have quite fair skin I do want the product to show up. After umming and ahhing I decided to go for the shade Light Bronze in hope that it would be the perfect shade for me.

I don't usually comment on the packaging of things as I believe what you see is what you get but the packaging is really quite flimsy. The idea of it is you screw the lid of it down but I've noticed a few times the lid comes off in my make-up bag even if I screw the lid down firmly so it's worth remembering not to place it at the bottom of your bag as it may all fall apart and you might end up with bits of bronzer everywhere. I also don't think it would stay in one piece if you were to drop it.

The first thing you notice when you take the lid off is the smell. It smells gorgeous. If I could bottle the scent and wear it I would. I'm not sure how to describe the scent other than it smells very summery and if they were to release it as a perfume then I would buy it. 

Now, the product. Did I choose the correct shade for my skin? Sadly not. It barely shows up on my pale skin. If it barely shows up on extraordinarily pale people than how is it supposed to show up on everyone else? The colour itself is a lovely golden brown with little shimmery golden particles in it to give you an extra glow. This would look so lovely if it actually showed up without having to work at it. Nonetheless, once you've managed to build it up to a colour it does look lovely swept along the cheekbones, although you really have to build it up to achieve that.

Overall, if you were looking for a bronzing powder to contour with then this is definitely not for you. However if you want a bronzing powder to use all over your face for a healthy glow then this is perfect.

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