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First Glance: L'oreal Paris Freebies

 The other day I was in Boots with the intention of buying a L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick when I saw that if I spent over £15 on L'Oreal products you could get a little box of goodies worth £25 for free. (Well, you had to spend £15 to receive it but hey!) I have to admit and say that I am a sucker for a freebie so it did spur me on to buy an extra L'oreal Rouge Caresse Lipstick but fortunately I was planning on buying another one at some point so technically it was an investment, right? Right?!

So, if you spend over £15 on L'oreal products at the moment in Boots (and online) then this is what you'll get for free.

L'oreal Superliner Luminizer Eyeliner in Hazel (for brown eyes) - £6.49/link
This eyeliner is only available in the colours Hazel, Green and Blue. The idea is that you buy the colour that most resembles your eye colour and the off-black eyeliner will enhance your natural eye colour. Very good idea! The only problem of having a product like this in a free gift set is that you don't know which colour you're going to get, for example, I've been given Hazel but my eye colour is blue/green. It won't put me off using it though.
L'oreal Color Riche Nail Varnish in Opulent Pink - £4.99/link
L'oreal Color Riche Nail Varnish in You Are Worth It - £4.99/link
L'oreal Glam Shine Lip Gloss in Magentic Nude Glow - £7.69/link
I'm not usually a big fan of lip gloss but as I'm a big fan of the lip swatch on the front cover of the gift box I will quite happily use it to the end of day if my lips look like that. 

You also get given some nail tips to help you create a french manicure and some little samples of L'oreal Nude Manique and L'oreal's True Match FoundationWill this little gift box encourage you to buy more L'oreal products like it did to me?


  1. I'm planning on getting this tomorrow! So lucky and helpful I saw this post - I want to get the Infallible foundation so I'm going to get an eyeliner pencil to add up to just a little over £15 to get this:) I love freebies!


  2. That's a great little set... Love the polishes. Do you know when the promotion expires?? X