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Review: Avon Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel in Pastel Pink

I like pink. I like bright pink, dark pink, magenta pink, fuchsia pink, sparkly pink, baby pink... I've been looking for the perfect baby pink nail varnish to enter my collection and after a few failed purchases, I've finally found the one in the form of Avon's Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel in Pastel Pink.

Pastel Pink is a lovely baby, pastel pink. It's clean and fresh, like Essie's Mint Candy Apple but in the form of a pink rather than a pastel green. I know people can be a bit funny about Avon and I know a lot of people think it's what their Grandma's use etc etc but I'm 18 and I'll happily say there's nothing else I enjoy more than looking at make-up in a handy little catalogue.

I chose to use a 17's Glitter Top Coat with this to use as an accent nail on my ring fingers but it doesn't show up very well in the photos. The Avon Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel lasted literally a week without chipping AT ALL. It would have lasted even longer had I not chipped it all off myself due to boredom. Either this Avon polish is ridiculously long lasting or the Seche Vite Top Coat is finally giving me the results that make everyone rave about it.

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