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Tutorial: Rainbow Leopard Print Nails

My sister asked me to do a leopard print on her nails the other day and after I had finished I got a little jealous looking at my plain nails after spending time doing nail art on hers so I decided to copy, but rather than use white and black like I used on hers, I went for multi-coloured.

Products I used:
- Sally Hansen Hard As Nails
- Model's Own Nail Varnish in Utopia (base)
- AVON Nail Varnish in Coral Reef
- Model's Own Nail Varnish in Fuzzy Peach
- OPI Nail Varnish in Mermaid's Tears
- Model's Own Nail Varnish in Top Turquoise
- AVON Nail Varnish in Lightest Pink
- Model's Own Black Nail Art Pen

All I did was paint Model's Own Nail Varnish in Utopia as the base then put little splodges of coloured nail varnishes in random places on my nails then once it had dried I went round it really carefully with my nail art pen. I have to admit and say that doing my right hand was really hard. I didn't realise how shaky my left hand was! Going round the spots was the hardest part but I finally got the hang of it in the end. Perhaps a little too much as there's more print on my right hand than on my left.

The nail varnish dried surprisingly quickly and luckily I didn't smudge it. A day after my nails had dried I applied Seche Vite top coat to my thumb and it dragged the black of the nail art pen so it looked quite messy. In the end I went without a top coat and my other nails lasted a whole week with just minor tip wear so it lasts incredibly well.

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