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Review: Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara

Just before I went on holiday I was in a panic rushing around Boots to try and find a waterproof mascara to take with me as I wanted to be able to go for a swim in the pool but still wear a little bit of make-up. I had wanted to try Max Factor's False Lash Effect Mascara for a while so I decided to see if they had a waterproof version and luckily they did! It was also on offer, down from £10.99 to £8.99 so that was even more of an incentive for me to buy it.

The Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara come packaged in a plastic casing with little dots down the side to ensue easy opening. To be honest, I didn't find it easy to open it at all. In the end I had to get a pair of scissors to it but that might just be me. The first thing I noticed when I screwed the lid off was the ridiculously over-sized wand. It's so much bigger than the wands on the mascaras I've previously used and I did wonder how on earth I was going to be able to use it! The second thing I noticed was the smell. It's not a particularly horrible smell, it's a smell that I find inoffensive but saying that I wouldn't rush out to buy the scent in a bottle either.
Besides all of the picky little bits in the paragraph above, I really love this mascara. Even using just one coat of this mascara has made my eyelashes look as if they were naturally false and I adore it. My eyelashes look so much more longer, fuller and thicker whilst using this mascara, it doesn't clump or feel heavy on my eyelashes either. It separates them and gives the effect of false eyelashes, just like it claims.

However, from it having such a big wand I do get in a bit of a mess when I apply it. I manage to get it everywhere, which is pretty evident from the photos above. It also doesn't help that the mascara is so wet. I've never had a mascara as wet as this before. As soon as I apply it and blink I immediately get lash lines at the top of my eyelids and applying this mascara on my bottom lashes is a nightmare. No matter how neatly I try and apply it, I still get big splodges of mascara on the skin under my eyes. Very annoying, especially as it has ruined my eyeshadow a couple of times and I've had to take it off and start again so if you were in a hurry to get somewhere, perhaps this mascara isn't the most suited to a quick application.

But, as it is a waterproof mascara how does it fare in the water? Perfectly. It doesn't budge at all. I even put my head under the water to try it's staying power and it stays put all day long, in and out of water, so this really is perfect for you if you're looking for a mascara for your holidays. 

Like all waterproof products, this is a bugger to remove. No matter how much I scrub at my eyes with my make-up remover, it still only comes off a little bit. The next day I wake up and have lovely black panda eyes. That phase in my life ended when I left school!

Overall, it has it's little problems but with such wonderful results I'd quite happily live with them. My eyelashes have never looked so long or as full before so this mascara is definitely a product I'll be re-purchasing again and again.


  1. It looks great, and you have such a pretty eye colour! I'm jelly :) xx


  2. I have this mascara too. Agree with what you say about it being wet! And the funny smell too haha! It is messy to apply and stubborn to remove, but I use it in place of my normal mascara now! xx

    1. It's such a fab mascara! Only problem is I don't know how to remove it! Ha xx

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