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Tutorial: Rainbow Leopard Print Nails

My sister asked me to do a leopard print on her nails the other day and after I had finished I got a little jealous looking at my plain nails after spending time doing nail art on hers so I decided to copy, but rather than use white and black like I used on hers, I went for multi-coloured.

Products I used:
- Sally Hansen Hard As Nails
- Model's Own Nail Varnish in Utopia (base)
- AVON Nail Varnish in Coral Reef
- Model's Own Nail Varnish in Fuzzy Peach
- OPI Nail Varnish in Mermaid's Tears
- Model's Own Nail Varnish in Top Turquoise
- AVON Nail Varnish in Lightest Pink
- Model's Own Black Nail Art Pen

All I did was paint Model's Own Nail Varnish in Utopia as the base then put little splodges of coloured nail varnishes in random places on my nails then once it had dried I went round it really carefully with my nail art pen. I have to admit and say that doing my right hand was really hard. I didn't realise how shaky my left hand was! Going round the spots was the hardest part but I finally got the hang of it in the end. Perhaps a little too much as there's more print on my right hand than on my left.

The nail varnish dried surprisingly quickly and luckily I didn't smudge it. A day after my nails had dried I applied Seche Vite top coat to my thumb and it dragged the black of the nail art pen so it looked quite messy. In the end I went without a top coat and my other nails lasted a whole week with just minor tip wear so it lasts incredibly well.

Recent Purchases: Part Three

Here is a collection of the item's I've accumulated over the last few months. The downside to photographing everything I buy is that I notice how much money I spend. I do need to stop buying things. Right after I buy a new pair of boots. And a coat. And some Disco Pants..
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendevous - £5.99 (Review here)
Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara - £7.99 (Review here)
Bracelets - £2
Friendship Bracelet - £2
Over-Sized Skull Tee - £14.99 (link)
I love this top as it looks great with just leather look leggings. I was in New Look the other day and my friend picked it up and said "Look Louise, this is something you'd wear" I looked at her and said "I already have it!" My friends know me so well.
Studded Collar Dress - £24.99 (link)
As soon as I saw this in Cabot Circus in Bristol I knew that I had to buy it. I hadn't seen it in store where I live so perhaps it's only available in larger stores, I don't know. It's a lovely dress and New Look also do one similar but instead of a studded collar it has metal collar tips and is in a lovely burgundy. Perhaps I should get that one too!
Leather Jacket with Khaki Sleeves - £49.99
I really love this jacket as it's the next best thing from the Zara Safari Jacket with Leather Sleeves which I will never own as I can't find one anywhere. The only problem I have with this jacket is that the sleeves are much, much thicker than the body. My body may be cold but hey, at least my arms are warm.
Black Sheer Shirt - £16.99 (link)
A plain simple sheer shirt. I wear a plain black cami top underneath with black leggings and it's true what they say - black DOES make you look slimmer.
Black Wayfarers- £109
L'eau de Chloe Perfume - £37
I'm not very good at describing scents but this Chloe perfume is a hell of a lot lighter than the original Chloe perfume. It smells lovely and floraly, not heavy at all, just lovely and light. It reminds me of a summers day.

Review: Rimmel London Glam Eyes Mono Eyeshadow in Smokey Quartz

When I was younger I used to think that huge, black panda eyes looked absolutely perfect on me. I thought the black complimented my blue eyes wonderfully and I couldn't ever imagine me not wearing layers and layers of my beloved Rimmel London Kohl Pencil around my eyes like a frame. Fortunately I have seen the error of my ways and I've realised that a little eyeliner is good. Half a pencil on my waterline however, is not. Luckily I now have a little obsession with eyeshadow, which brings us onto the product I'm reviewing today.

A few days before I went jet-setting off to Cyprus I was in Boots with my sister and I started looking at the Rimmel London stand before spotting the Rimmel London Glam Eyes Mono Eyeshadows. I spotted a lovely taupe brown and decided to buy it without even having a look at the grubby tester. I was positively certain it would be for me!

The eyeshadow I bought was the Rimmel London Glam Eyes Mono Eyeshadow in Smokey Quartz and the colour is a gorgeous golden bronze with a taupey shimmer which suits my blue eyes far better than the heavily eyelined eyes I used to sport. Rimmel London have even put on the back of their eyeshadows which eye colours would most suit the shades which is such a clever idea as some people don't know which colours suit them and which don't so this is a really insightful way of knowing which eyeshadow to buy.

The eyeshadow itself if incredibly pigmented and it's so easy to apply. It applies with such ease and you don't need 8 layers to build up to an opaque colour. Also I don't find I get any fall out whatsoever. I don't apply a primer beforehand and most days this eyeshadow has lasted literally all day. However with the recent hot weather I have found that it has creased once but even then, that was towards the end of the day and it lasted about 6 hours beforehand.

I really, really, really love this shade. I have worn it literally every single day since I bought it and I haven't even made a dent in the pan yet. A little goes a long way as it's so pigmented so you definitely get your money's worth.

Review: George Quick Dry Nail Varnish in Deceit

George Quicky Dry Nail Varnish - £1.75
I'm really quite fond of George at ASDA's range of nail varnishes. They're so inexpensive, come in an array of colours and textures and they hold their own against Barry MRecently the George Quick Dry Nail Varnish were priced at £1 a bottle so I restocked on a couple of plain black nails polishes and also bought a gorgeous black shimmery polish called Deceit.

In the bottle Deceit looks like a black nail varnish with very small shimmery particles throughout but when applied to the nails and in direct sunlight, it looks like a dark navy with small silver particles. Whichever colour it is, it is incredibly pretty and definitely livens up a plain black/navy nail.

The application to this nail varnish is a little tricky. I do tend to find that George's nail varnishes can be a bit hit and miss. Some of them are incredibly opaque and only need one coat whereas some of them are awfully sheer and need about 5 coats before you achieve a fully opaque colour. Sadly Deceit applies sheer to begin with and it needs 3 generous coatings before achieving a lovely, opaque, shimmery colour.

I found that after a day of wearing this nail varnish I started noticing very very minor tip-wear on my thumb and after 3 days it started chipping but considering this usually retails at £1.75, it's lasts well for a cheaper brand.

Review: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous

Last week when I was in Boots I decided to have a look at the new Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains as everyone seems to be raving about them. The Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains come in two different variations. One variation of them is like a chubby crayon (think Clinique) and the other variation is like a liquid pen (think Max Factor Lip Tint) with a balm on the other end.

I swatched all of the available colours in Boots but I only really liked two of the crayon colours - Lovesick, which is a purpley magenta and Rendezvous, an orange lip colour. Well, from the name of this blog post you can probably guess which one I went for but looking back, I wish I chose Lovesick as I don't have any lip colours in my collection in that shade whereas I have plenty of corally oranges.

I didn't really know what to expect when I tried this out but it really is like a big crayon. The nib is quite big which is good as you can cover your lips in one big sweep but also makes it a bit tricky as it's rather hard to stay in your lip line and not get it all over your chin. The colour when applied all over the lips is much more opaque than when swatched on the back of the hand. Perhaps I used a little too much as it did make my lips looks very orange which I feel doesn't suit me completely but when used lightly it leaves a lovely hint of colour.

One of the great things about this is that it isn't drying at all. It's so moisturising and I forget I'm wearing it. It wears for around 4 hours but then it leaves a lovely coral stain behind so I don't feel the need to re-apply. Perfect!

One thing to mention about these Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains is the smell. They smell an awful lot like mint and in my opinion, not in a good way. It isn't noticeable when wearing the product but when you take the lid off it's very strong to begin with. Overall, I really love these Balm Stains and I think I will definitely be going back to Boots to get Lovesick too. These are definitely worth the hype!

Review: Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara

Just before I went on holiday I was in a panic rushing around Boots to try and find a waterproof mascara to take with me as I wanted to be able to go for a swim in the pool but still wear a little bit of make-up. I had wanted to try Max Factor's False Lash Effect Mascara for a while so I decided to see if they had a waterproof version and luckily they did! It was also on offer, down from £10.99 to £8.99 so that was even more of an incentive for me to buy it.

The Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara come packaged in a plastic casing with little dots down the side to ensue easy opening. To be honest, I didn't find it easy to open it at all. In the end I had to get a pair of scissors to it but that might just be me. The first thing I noticed when I screwed the lid off was the ridiculously over-sized wand. It's so much bigger than the wands on the mascaras I've previously used and I did wonder how on earth I was going to be able to use it! The second thing I noticed was the smell. It's not a particularly horrible smell, it's a smell that I find inoffensive but saying that I wouldn't rush out to buy the scent in a bottle either.
Besides all of the picky little bits in the paragraph above, I really love this mascara. Even using just one coat of this mascara has made my eyelashes look as if they were naturally false and I adore it. My eyelashes look so much more longer, fuller and thicker whilst using this mascara, it doesn't clump or feel heavy on my eyelashes either. It separates them and gives the effect of false eyelashes, just like it claims.

However, from it having such a big wand I do get in a bit of a mess when I apply it. I manage to get it everywhere, which is pretty evident from the photos above. It also doesn't help that the mascara is so wet. I've never had a mascara as wet as this before. As soon as I apply it and blink I immediately get lash lines at the top of my eyelids and applying this mascara on my bottom lashes is a nightmare. No matter how neatly I try and apply it, I still get big splodges of mascara on the skin under my eyes. Very annoying, especially as it has ruined my eyeshadow a couple of times and I've had to take it off and start again so if you were in a hurry to get somewhere, perhaps this mascara isn't the most suited to a quick application.

But, as it is a waterproof mascara how does it fare in the water? Perfectly. It doesn't budge at all. I even put my head under the water to try it's staying power and it stays put all day long, in and out of water, so this really is perfect for you if you're looking for a mascara for your holidays. 

Like all waterproof products, this is a bugger to remove. No matter how much I scrub at my eyes with my make-up remover, it still only comes off a little bit. The next day I wake up and have lovely black panda eyes. That phase in my life ended when I left school!

Overall, it has it's little problems but with such wonderful results I'd quite happily live with them. My eyelashes have never looked so long or as full before so this mascara is definitely a product I'll be re-purchasing again and again.

Tutorial: Grey and Yellow Ombre Nails

 I am a HUGE fan of the whole ombre trend, albeit hair, nails or clothing. Until I recovery from my hair disaster I thought I'd give the popular trend a try on my nails.

Firstly I had a little think about which colours would go together. I saw a few photos of ombre nails on Pinterest and some of them had pink and blue ombre but I wasn't feeling pink that day so I decided to go for grey and yellow instead.
Products used were:
- Sally Hansen Hard As Nails
- OPI Nail Lacquer in Skull and Gloss Bones
- Nails Inc Nail Varnish in Notting Hill Carnival
- Seche Vite Top Coat
- A make-up sponge

To achieve the ombre look I:
- Painted on a base coat
- Applied two layers of the OPI Nail Lacquer in Skull and Gloss Bones
- I then waited until it was completely dry before cutting a corner off of my make-up sponge which was big enough to fit my nail against
- I then took my yellow nail varnish and scraped off one half of the varnish of the brush onto the neck of the bottle before painting half of the sponge with a thin layer of yellow
- Then I painted the sponge again with a thicker layer 1/3 of the sponge
(- Alternatively, you can also paint some of your base colour onto the sponge too)
- I then pressed my nail against the sponge, being careful I didn't press down too hard as the sponge can come away with the nail and you end up with lumps of sponge - speaking from experience!
- It may look a little bumpy and uneven but when you apply your top coat it evens out and has a glossy finish
- Repeat 10 times and wa-la!

Now, on my left hand I did it very gradually and I painted the yellow onto the sponge very lightly, whereas on my right hand I used a lot more yellow so it has more of a striking ombre effect but it's up to you which one you prefer and which one you choose to apply.

You can obviously have different variations of this, I did a white and pink ombre on my sister's nails and pink and blue is quite popular too.

Brand Focus: River Island Sale

River Island have a sale on - hooray.

Right now I could kick myself for promising my mother I'd stop buying clothes as my ever-expanding wardrobe simply can't hack it but I guess a few new dresses and a few skirts and a couple of pairs of shoes wouldn't hurt, would it?
Blue Lace Duster Coat - £15
Light Purple Strappy Wedges
Light Blue Lace Skater Dress - £20
Gold Tone RI Brand Triple Row Bar Ring - £3
Blue Floral Print Skater Dress - £20
Silver Foil Pleated Mini Skirt - £20
Light Denim Olive Super Skinny Jeans - £20
Rose Gold Tone Cat Ring - £1
Blue Floral Print Sleeveless Shirt Dress - £10
Cream Girl Print 3D Bow Tank Top
Blue Stripe Lace Up Flatform Espadrilles
Green Floral Print Chelsea Girl Dress - £15
Light Green Buckle Wedges
Light Green Super Short Denim Hotpants - £10
Light Green Lace Blazer - £25
Pink Floral Print Blazer - £17
Gold Tone Pack of Rings - £2
Light Pink Lace Cross Back Bralet - £8
Light Pink Caged Sandals - £20
Pink Pleated Skirt
Pink Peace Drop Earrings - £1

Silver Glitter Print Peplum Top
Dark Yellow Platform Sandals - £20
Brown Leopard Print Skirt - £10
Beige Snake Skin Print Espadrille Sandals
Dark Beige Laser Cut Out Leggings - £10
Yellow Weave Satchel
Navy Skater Skirt
Black Beaded Sandals - £10
Pink Print Gem Clutch - £15
Navy Ponti Contrast Panel Leggings - £20
Gold Buckle T-Bar Sandals
Black Amelia Super Skinny Jeans

Other: What's In My Handbag?

I love reading posts other bloggers post about what they have in their handbag so I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon and have a go myself. I did take out some of the rubbish from my bag that you didn't need to see, like receipt's and womanly things so it isn't entirely accurate but the rest is shoved into my bag on a daily basis.

So, let's see what is in my bag!
Firstly, the bag I use every day is my Alexander Wang Rocco Bag Look-a-Like from eBay. I wrote a blog post about it a while ago and you can read that here. I absolutely adore this bag. Well, I did until I went into Harvey Nichols in Bristol last week and saw a genuine Alexander Wang Rocco bag.. Until I can justify £795 on a bag I'll still keep with my look-a-likey and luckily it can fit quite a lot of things in it..
The most important thing in my bag is my purse. I bought this purse in New York last year from Victoria's Secret and as much as I like it, my coins slip out due to the big gap underneath the sides in the coin compartment so I'm convinced I've lost a few pounds here and there over the last year but at least it's a nice purse to fall out from.
Two other joint most important things in my bag are my phone and my iPod. I'm not entirely sure why I carry my phone around with me all the time as hardly anyone texts me and the only person who rings me is my mum telling me off so I guess it's for emergencies and no doubt the time when I don't go out without it is the time that I'll need it the most. For anyone who is wondering, I have the Blackberry 8900 and I love it very much.
I never go anywhere without my iPod either as I do suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and I find that it calms me down if I just stick my head phones in and listen to some Adele. (Or One Direction!) Also it has Temple Run on there so if I ever get stuck anywhere, at least I'll have a never-ending game to contend with.
Also, on some days, I carry around make-up with me. I only do this when I'm going out for the day or going somewhere special, I don't take it round the shops with me or to walk the dog. When I do take it with me, I take it in this adorable little make-up bag which I bought from Topshop for about £3 in the January sales. My little make-up bag contains..
- Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Ivory (Review here)
- L'oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim Eyeliner in Black (Review here)
- AVON Super Full Mascara in Black
- MUA Blusher in Shade 3 (Review here)
- MUA Lipstick in Shade 15 Juicy (Review here)
- Collection 2000 Highlighter in Maldives (Review here)

The other un-photographed items in my bags are..
A nail file: My nails always seem to break when I've gone out for the day. Usually when I'm at my Nan's house and my Nan is probably one of the few women in Britain who doesn't own a nail file.

A bottle of water: I cannot stand the feeling of being thirsty so I carry a little bottle of water around with me to ensure I stay hydrated throughout my travels.

Anti-bacterial hand cream: I suffer really badly with dry skin around my knuckles during harsh weather so at the moment I seem to be using an awful lot of the stuff.

Anti-bacterial gel: You never know what you may touch. Whenever I leave public toilets I use a quick squirt of this gel as the thought of people not washing their hands after going to the toilet and touching all of the door handles on the way out makes me shiver.

A mirror: To check I don't have lipstick on my teeth during my trips out.

Plasters: Whenever I'm out with friends one of them is usually always in need of a plaster so I hand these badboys out like I'm Willy Wonka.

Eye-drops: When I have hayfever I suffer terribly with itchy eyes so I carry eye-drops around with me to help stop me ruining my make-up in public.

Inhaler: I have asthma so this little blue bottle is a life saver.

Chewing gum: It tastes yummy.

Other things that I have in my bag are:

Tic Tacs: Yum yum.

Bach Rescue Remedy: This is to help my anxiety (was a life saver on the plane to Cyprus) and I do believe that it works so I take it everywhere with me just in case. It does taste god awful though.

I think that's all I have in my bag.. Today I have a bag of M&S foam bananas in there but there was no point in my photographing that as they won't be around for long. What do you have in your bags?