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Other // How Much Is My Face Worth? | Part Two

A while ago I did a post titled How much is my face worth? which I thoroughly enjoyed writing so now it is time to revisit my 'every-day face' after changing my make-up routine throughout the last few months. Here is the updated version!
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Ivory - £8.99 (Review here)
Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation in Creamy Ivory - £9.99
Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation is probably my favourite foundation at the moment but it is a little too dark for my skin tone. I wore it on it's own for a while until I tried it alongside Max Factor's Colour Adapt Foundation where I found the perfect mix of both foundations for my skin.
Maybelline Dream Terra Sun in Light - £5.99
I only picked this up last week and I've worn it every day since then but I am a little unsure about it. I'll be doing a review on it soon so you can all hear my insecurities with it!
AVON True Colour Blusher in Russet - £3 (Review here)
A lovely deep coral blusher that has a matte finish. When used lightly it looks lovely on the skin - a true summer blusher!
Vivo Blush with Highlighting Duo in Sweet Peach - £2.39
I bought this from Tesco a while ago and I absolutely love it. The blusher side to it is a gorgeous peach which is perfect for every-day use. Absolute bargain at £2.39.
Collection 2000 Face and Body Highlighter in Maldives - £3.48
This is my favourite highlighter and now I can't seem to find it anywhere which is typical. It leaves a lovely golden shimmer and looks wonderful on the cheekbones AND lasts all day. Really recommend if you can find it!
NYX Rogue Cream Blush in Glow - £3.95
I bought this off of an American website and it's the first NYX product that I own. I love cream blushers and this applies so so easily and is incredibly pigmented. If you can find it, buy it!
17 Eyeshadow and Lip Palette
I think I received this for Christmas one year but never opened it until last year when I fell in love with the shades Mardi Gras and Ivory Coast. As you can see from the photo above, both of these shades are very well loved. I use the creamy shade as a base and the brown all over my eyelid. Once these have hit pan I'll definitely be buying each shade individually.
HD Brows Palette in Vamp - £19.95
I received this in a Glossybox last year and I love it. I use it for my eyebrows and as an eyeshadow so it has multiple uses. They stay on my eyelids all day and they don't crease - perfect!
Rimmel Duo Eyeshadow in Walnut Pearls - £3
My mum bought me this last year and I've really started loving the top colour. It's cross between a light brown and a pink. I use the top shade all over my eyelids and the bottom hazel colour in the crease. These are really inexpensive and lovely, although they do crease a bit.
Custom FashionistA Palette - £21 (Review here)
It is slightly pricey but so worth it as these eyeshadows and blushers are SO pigmented and don't crease throughout the day, even without a primer. I know if you go in store to Superdrug they may have some deals on where you can get the eyeshadows/blushers at a discounted price if you buy everything altogether so it's worth looking out for!
L'oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim Eyeliner - £6 (Review here)
My favourite liquid eyeliner. I love it and probably won't ever buy a different liquid eyeliner for a long, long, time.
AVON Supershock Mascara in Black - £8.50
This is my current mascara and I love it. It makes my eyelashes look 10x longer than they usually are. Expect a review soon!
MUA Lipstick in Juicy (Shade 15) - £1
My first MUA lipstick and definitely not my last! I've been looking for a peachy coral lipstick for a while but all of the other corals I have are so incredibly drying that I hardly wear them. That was until I bought this. It's so pigmented and moisturising and only a pound! I love it and will definitely be buying more.
Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake - £7.99
I finally jumped on the Revlon Lip Butter bandwagon and I'm a little unsure about them. I absolutely adore this colour - it's a lovely warm pink that I think will suit most people but there's something about it that I'm not too sure about. It has a lovely formula and glides on with ease. Perhaps I'll need to buy a few more just to, y'know, try them out..
MAC Pretty Please Lipstick - £13.50 (Review here)
A lovely pearly pale pink lipstick which is rather sheer but very pretty nonetheless. This lipstick is perfect for when you're in a hurry as it applies incredibly easily and it doesn't matter if I miss my mouth as it won't be too noticeable. Finally, a lipstick we can apply in the dark!

The total: £126.51!!

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