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Haul // Holiday

It feels like yesterday my mother and I booked our holiday and I can't believe that we're leaving in less than 2 weeks. Over the past few weeks I've been panic buying summer clothes, some of which I managed to wear last week during the UK's mini-summer. Here is what I bought for my holiday!
Primark - £4.00
I've never really been a hat person as I've always thought that I looked a bit stupid wearing them but last week I was in Primark and decided to give one a try. It's always awkward trying a hat on in a shop as you can't go to a changing room with it so you always hope that you can get away with standing in a quiet corner in hope a mirror is near by and no-one would stare. Sadly I had to stand in the middle of a heaving Primark trying it on, every-one stared but I don't care as I looked cool!
Next Crinkle Skirt - £24.00
I bought this lovely skirt from Next whilst spotting this as I walked through the air conditioned shop to get away from the heat outside. It has a layer underneath so it isn't see through but it is very lightweight and perfect for the Cypricate weather I will be experiencing in 2 weeks time.
New Look Mickey and Minnie Kiss Vest - £14.99
This is a very cute top featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse from Disney for New Look. Sadly the collar is way too low to wear this on it's own so I have to wear a white tank top underneath to ensure I don't get arrested for indecent exposure which is little annoying but hey ho.
New Look Studded Ballerina Shoes - £15.99
After seeing loads of bloggers wearing studded loafers I really wanted to follow the crowd but I couldn't find any that didn't look like weapons until I saw these in the entrance of New Look. They're really comfortable but I'm convinced I bought two left shoes.
Kelly Brook for New Look Swimsuits - £23 & £24
No-one likes to see a fat girl stood in a bikini whilst on holiday. I know I don't so hence why I have to wear swimsuits which I am very happy about as even if I did have a stomach flatter than Voldemort's nose I still wouldn't wear a bikini as I don't have the confidence to wear one. Anyway, it is really hard trying to find pretty swimsuits so I was so very pleased when I saw these in New Look from the Kelly Brook range.
New Look Dusky Brown Flatforms - £17.99
I was so gutted when I went onto ASOS's website to buy the black flatforms everyone has but only to discover that they had all sold out and had left the site completely. Imagine my surprise when I was walking around New Look to find that they did their own version of the flatform - and £22.01 cheaper! I bought the brown version but they sell these in black too. I orginally bought these in a Size 7 as they were uber comfy in the shop (I'm usually a size 8) but when I tried them on in my bedroom they were crippling. I exchanged them for a Size 8 but they are too big. I'll try not to walk out of them when I walk!
New Look Suede Plait Sandals - £12.99 
Another pair of shoes, another trip to New Look. I was after some summer sandals for the holiday and these are perfect.
Apricot Floral Studded Dress - £27.00
I bought this in Debenhams on Sunday and didn't actually think I would like it but decided to try it for something to do whilst waiting for my mum. Cue my surprised eyebrows when I fell in love with it in the changing rooms.
Boots Gold Collar Necklace - £3.50
I have wanted one of these necklaces for a while and I looked in H&M for one but the only one I could find was a rose gold one which is pretty but I set my heart on a gold one. I gave up the search and went to Boots for some nail varnish and saw this on the jewellery rack.
New Look Navy Blue Bird Print Skirt - £14.99
Again, Louise went shopping in New Look and bought this very pretty skirt. The website describes this skirt as mini but in real life it isn't that short, I think it depends on how high up you decide to wear it. Unlike the rest of what I have bought, this is sheer so you need to buy an underlay to cover up your modesty if you would want to wear this in public. I picked a short underlay up from M&S for £16 which is quite expensive (cost more than the skirt) but I can use it for other skirts/dresses so I'll get my money's worth.
New Look Denim Shorts - £19.99
Again, no-one likes to see a fat girl wearing super short shorts - something which the majority of shops only seem to be selling. These are the only shorts I can find that cover up my fantastically large thighs and I can't say I'm particularly fond of them but they're essential for hot weather. I wish young fashion stores would sell fashionable long shorts - long being longer than 5 inches of material. Just because I have large thighs doesn't mean I want to dress like a 50 year old. Also, not everyone wants to wear short shorts so there should be more of a variety when it comes to longer shorts, more of a variety meaning more feminine.

I did also buy these but they had to be returned.
H&M Floral Skirt - £2.99
I ordered this off H&M's website and as nice as it looks, it feels like cardboard. It says it's made out of cotton but I haven't felt cotton like that before.
H&M Floaty Vest - £3.99
I also bought this from H&M's website. I absolutely love the fit and the floaty-ness of it but it is thinner than my own skin. Honestly, if I went out wearing this I probably would be told off. I did buy this in a size small and sadly I think that is the only time where I will ever fit in a size small.

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  1. I need a pair of sandals, those looks perfect! Those swimsuits are gorgeous, I'm such a sucker for floral x