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Review // Lush Tea Tree Toner Tabs

When I last when shopping with my friends we popped into Lush to buy some Toner Tabs and to get a little advice on how to use them. We were quite surprised to see they had a little selection of Toner Tabs, including some with fresh rose petals in them but I decided to play it safe and buy a few of the Lush Tea Tree Toner Tabs.

The girl in the shop told us how to use them so we set off to the till to pay and the next day I used one for the first time - this is how I got on. I did wonder whether or not these toner tabs would smell strongly of tea tree because, as a scent, I'm not too keen on it's over-powering ways. Fortunately they aren't too overpowering so for those of you who have sensitive noses, you'll be okay.

Boil some water then carefully pour it into a bowl. Leave it for a couple of minutes so it will cool slightly.
Drop 1 Lush Tea Tree Toner Tab into the bowl and watch it fizz! At this point the water and the tea tree tab will infuse so the steam from the hot water will blend with the oils from the tea tree, allowing you the perfect facial steam.
Once the toner tab is all fizzled out, grab a tea towel, put your head over the bowl and the towel over your head. (Preferably using a clean tea towel and please please PLEASE do not put your head IN the water as you'll probably burn a few layers of skin off. Or it may just hurt.)

Keep your head over the hot water for as long as you feel comfortable. I put my head over the bowl for around 10 minutes whereas my sister did it for around 2 minutes and she got the same results I achieved after 10.

Once you've had enough, put the bowl to one side. Grab a bowl of cold water and a muslin cloth/flannel and wash your face thoroughly with the clean water, this is to make sure your pores close.

After this you should have lovely, baby-soft, clean, refreshed skin!

Once the Tea Tree Toner water has cooled down, you can pour it into a clean, plastic bottle and then use it as a toner. The girl in Lush suggested you only use it as a toner for up to 7 days.

As a toner it is very refreshing and cooling on the skin, however it isn't as pleasant as The Body Shop's Tea Tree Toner, the review of which you can read here.