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Review // Company Magazine Liquid Eyeliner

Company Magazine Liquid Eyeliner
When I was younger I used to persuade my Mum and Dad to buy me a magazine due to the free gift sellotaped to the front of it. Over the years I received a bright yellow comb, a light up Barbie yo-yo and some crappy plastic lipstick which was literally, plastic. A few weeks ago I bought Company Magazine (the one with Kate Bosworth on the front) and it came with a liquid eyeliner/crayon eyeliner combo. Now from what I told you earlier about my past with free gifts, I decided to give this a try and not throw it straight in the bin. And I'm really glad I did.

The crayon/liquid eyeliner comes in one quite large pen. One half is the liquid eyeliner, the other part is the crayon. The pencil is re-tractable and reveals a crayon like eyeliner, whereas the other end reveals the liquid eyeliner nib.

The liquid eyeliner is ridiculously pigmented, so much so that I was incredibly shocked when I swatched it. I expected a light grey or even a dark-ish grey but nope, full on pigmented black liquid eyeliner! The crayon eyeliner is more of a dark brown crayon which I can't really imagine me using.

The liquid eyeliner glides on like a dream. It doesn't pull at all, one long sweep and you have the most perfect lined eyes! 
Another great thing about this product is it's staying power. When I swatched it on my hand, I tested it under water and it did not budge, unlike the pencil which came off immediately. When applied to the eye area it doesn't budge either and it doesn't transfer onto the top lid either.

The liquid eyeliner lasts all day. I wear it for about 14 hours a day and it is still in exactly the same place at the end of the day as it was at the beginning. I actually really love this eyeliner and I wish I could buy this in the shops.

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