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Haul // Recent Buys | Part Two

These are a few of the things I've bought over the past few weeks. I also bought 11 books from the library for £2.50 but I didn't think you'd want to see that.
Yankee Candle in Lilac Blossoms - £3.87
Hello, summer in a jar. This scent reminds me of taking my dog for a walk in summer and smells lovely and fresh.
New Look Skull Tank Top - £9.99
I spotted this ages ago in New Look but didn't have time to try one on and I haven't seen one since. Luckily I spotted this one hanging up in all it's glory in a different New Look store the other day. I know it is a bit morbid to enjoy skulls but I do like a skull printed top.
New Look Stripey Blazer - £17.99
I've wanted a blazer like this ever since I saw 2 Shoes on The X Factor wearing theirs but haven't seen one anywhere so when I saw this in New Look on Thursday I had to try it on and it fits like a glove! I don't know what I'll wear it with yet but I love it.
Tresemme Ceramic Airflo Hair Brush - £6.19
I've been meaning to buy a large round barrelled hair brush for a while in hope to get some sort of volume into my flat hair so I bought this when it was 3-for-2 in Boots a few weeks ago. I've only used this once and got it tangled up in my hair which made me cry but I will keep trying.
A real must have for a nail art fan! This book is filled with designs for inspiration and step-by-step instructions so you can re-create them at home.
Teddy - priceless
Okay, so maybe when he's barking at 3AM at night he isn't so priceless but that's what having a puppy is all about! When he weed on my white carpet this morning he wasn't exactly having his finest moment but c'est la vie!
I bought these toner tabs a few weeks ago after reading a blogspot post about them and thought my face could do with a bit of a steam and I have to admit, I wasn't expecting results immediately but I got them. Review coming soon!
ASDA Nail Varnish Remover Pads - £1
I'm fed up with scrubbing away at my nails with nail varnish remover and cotton wool so I thought I'd give these a try. Once I try them out I'll let you know if they're any good.
Garnier Soothing Cleansing Lotion - £2.00
Garnier Soothing Vitamin-Enriched Toner - £2.00
I'm finally changing from using make-up remover wipes to a liquid based make-up remover and I saw this in ASDA for £2 so I thought I'd give it a try. I love it! I can't believe I haven't used a lotion based remover before. Goodbye scratchy make-up wipes.
I also ran out of my Nivea Toner so I'm giving this Garnier one a try. So far so good!


  1. Really want a yankee candle, but haven't found a scent I like yet. Will have to check this one out...hope it's still on offer when I do! Love the stripy blazer too xx

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)

    I love the striped blazer and skull vest! Your puppy is so cute! I remember when mine was that young and spending most of the days scrubbing the carpets but it's so worth it when they look at you with that cute little face :) xx

  3. oh my goooood the skull tank top is just gorgeouuus
    I love it!