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Skincare // My Current Routine

I have to admit and say I'm not really one for using loads of different skincare products. Mostly because I'm convinced they do me more harm than good. Whenever I seem to use them they bring me out spots, which could be a pure coincidence but I try not to use too many lotions and potions. Up until about last September I didn't really use any products regularly. I bought them regularly and they looked nice in the bathroom but I couldn't seem to get myself into a routine.

I am extremely lucky in that I very rarely get spots. I never suffered from acne as a teen and for that, I am incredibly thankful to the skin Gods. I do get the odd spot but it is very rarely so I am lucky I don't need to rely on spot treatments or such. Instead, I just concentrate on moisturising, cleansing and toning.
My morning routine
The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash (link) - £4.50
I love this facial wash as it makes my skin feel lovely and soft and it takes away any shininess from the skin. This also helps to sooth sore spots and doesn't irritate them in any way. I already have a back-up of this for when I run out!
The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner (link) - £4.50
I love this toner! I seriously could not live without toner these days. I always thought it was a waste of money as it didn't really do anything but how wrong I was! This completely refreshes my face when I wake up and it takes away any bits of old make-up that I previously missed. I apply this using a piece of cotton wool as I find it applies better rather than using a cotton pad.
Garnier Fresh Essentials Hydrating Day Cream (link) - £4.99
This moisturiser is incredibly lightweight and not greasy at all. I put it on just after using my toner and it's perfect for sitting under my make-up and doesn't make my foundation slide all round my face. It smells quite nice too.
My evening routine
Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub (link) - £3.69
I have been using this for AGES and I still have loads left in the bottle. A little goes a long way with this product which is crammed full of exfoliating micro-beads which seem to get everywhere. As I have been using this product for a while now, I can't really see a difference in my blackheads but I will carry on using this. If anyone knows of any miracle product that will get rid of my blackheads then please, feel free to share!
Nivea Visage Pure and Natural Cleansing Toner (link) - £3.36
Another toner! I use this at night and apply it using a cotton pad as it smells lovely and fresh and I know it won't bother me when I try and get to sleep with it on like The Body Shops Tea Tree Toner might do. It refreshes my face once I have taken my make-up off after a long day and also helps remove traces of make-up that my make-up wipe failed to take off. I wouldn't use this with the Tea Tree products at the same time as the two smell awful when put together. 
Skin System Anti-Ageing Day Recovery Cream (link) - £3
I know, I know, anti-ageing do I hear you cry? Well, I shall tell you why I use anti-ageing cream. I don't know if any of you watch the television programme Benidorm, but there is a lady on there who rides around on an old person's mobility scooter and she has aged well, one might say..
After watching her in this programme before bedtime one evening, I had a nightmare that I woke up, walked into the bathroom and saw myself in the mirror with my face on her body, Basically I had a nightmare I got wrinkles so now I use anti-ageing cream! Of course I don't look any younger since using it, blah blah blah, but it's nice to use and it smells really nice. I use this just before I go to bed and it's really thick and creamy. As it is thicker than my other moisturiser, I wear this 'day cream' at night-time as it is far too thick to wear underneath my make-up.
Other products I like using are:
The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Exfoliating Pads (link) - £6
Clearskin Blackhead Eliminating Deep Treatment Mask (link) - £1.75
Clean and Clear Morning Energy Skin Energising Daily Facial Scrub (link) - £3.99


  1. Love this post, and how your face products seem to match your personality. The anti aging cream one made me laugh! I really need to keep up with my skincare. I usually end up just running a rag over my face and calling it a day!

    Your blog's awesome, thanks for sharing!

    1. Haha thank you! Sometimes I really can't be bothered to use anything either, a quick face wash and straight into bed! xx

  2. I love this post!! :D

    But The Body Shop test on animals because they are ran by L'oreal who test on animals which is sad :(
    I don't wanna make this negative, but maybe you'll think twice if you research into animal testing.
    It is really sad, but I'm trying to raise awareness and animals shouldn't suffer so humans can look good!
    If you check out my blog, there is a post about animal testing, you should check it out.
    Also, Lush do not test on animals, and 95% of their products are natural ingredients and they're a vegan company :)

    Besides that, the dream you had about the old lady from benidorm made me laugh :) cute! xo


    1. Really? I didn't know they tested on animals, I thought they didn't! I definitely wouldn't buy anything if they tested on animals. I'll have to check the labels before I buy things! xx

    2. Yeah The Body shop is run by L'oreal now, and they test on animals :/ so do Estee Lauder and loads of well known brands who claim not to!! It's ridiculous! xx