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Review // Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets

I have quite oily skin and I absolutely hate looking in a mirror during the day and seeing a shiny face. But alas, I have found my little solution which comes in a shape of the Kleenex Shine Absorbing SheetsI know you can get these type of oil absorbing sheets from various brands in various stores but I have never seen them in a shop before. I actually found these in a supermarket but you can buy them in Boots or in Superdrug.

The Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets come packaged in a little cellophane packet which I like as I'll know that no-one has put their sticky little fingers in the packet and touched them. Inside the little cellophane packet is a little cardboard encasing where the 50 sheets are stored. The sheets themselves are like really thin bits of paper with a plain deep purple on one side and a deep purple print on the other side.

In the packet is 50 shine absorbing sheets. As it says on the packaging, you press the plain side of the paper on any oily parts of your face (in my case that's around by my nose and on my forehead) and you'll be able to see the results on the paper. It's pretty gross to look at and it makes you feel bad for having that on your face to begin with but hey, what's a girl gonna do?

What I love about these Shine Absorbing Sheets is that they keep the make-up in tact, regardless of pressing a sheet of paper onto your face. The only thing it takes away is any excess oil which is perfect as once I have put my foundation on, I don't want to have to re-apply it. I really enjoy these Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets. Yes, they make me feel gross but they work and do their job well.


  1. I couldn't do without these! My nose gets really shiny in the day, which is horrible! I get mine from Muji in London, and they are £1.99 :) but I will definately give these ones a go :)

    Karys x