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Review // Models Own Nail Varnish in Grace Green

A while ago I bought two Model's Own Nail Varnishes from Boots and this is one of them. This is Grace Green by Model's Own which is a lovely pale khaki, or as my Uncle calls it, "diarrhea green." Nice.
Products used:
Sally Hansen Double Duty - Base and Top Coat
Model's Own Grace Green - x2 coats
I applied two coats of Grace Green and got a lovely opaque colour. It didn't apply streaky at all, however, on 6 of my nails it dried with a bubbly finish which isn't so great. I'm not sure why this is but it isn't too attractive. I didn't experience this with the other Model's Own Nail Varnish I have tried but yes, it ruins the look slightly.

I really love the colour of this, it's just a shame that it dries a little bubbly! I seriously recommend Model's Own Nail Varnishes if you haven't tried them before as they apply effortlessly and are extremely opaque in colour.

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  1. Thanks for your lovely comment, it was Heven it's in Bournemouth it was called capital hair and beauty supplies, I hope you will follow my blog :)