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Other // Project 10 Pan Part One

A week ago I was looking through my cupboard, a place where I keep make-up, beauty products, hair products that I've never used, perfume, DVD'S and an old Gameboy cira 1990, I realised how much stuff I have. Stuff meaning crap that I have never used/touched/looked at and it's about time I used some of it up.

So, until it is all gone I won't be buying any more crap stuff. My cupboard won't take any more beauty products, so much so that my moisturisers are currently chilling out on top of my Gavin and Stacey boxsets, a thought that makes me shudder as, in my mind, everything should be together in groups then height and alphabetical order. Let's have a little look at the items that I aim to use up by this time next month.
VO5 Curl Boost Curl Scrunching Spray - I spray, I scrunch, I pray. This does not make my hair wavy in the slightest. I wanted beachy waves, I am not getting beachy waves. I bought this about 2 years ago after seeing a friend use it on her hair which made her hair all lovely and wavy so I'll have to battle on with this. I WILL get beachy waves VO5, I will!
AVON Hawaiian Shores Body Mist - A lovely body spray that I've neglected recently after receiving a few bottles of perfume for Christmas. I've used 1/4 already so if I bathe in this every day for a month then I may finish the bottle.
Mary-Kate and Ashley L.A Style Perfume Spray - I think this was the first perfume I've ever received! This is actually my sister's bottle that she was going to throw out but there's 1/4 left and I thought it was a shame to throw away. I don't even really like the smell, it smells like me when I was about 10.
Clearasil Deep Pore Treatment Wash - Only used a few times and I've already broken the pump! I'm not sure how I'm going to get the product out but I'll give it a go.
Garnier Texturising Gum - I've only used a very small amount of this and to be honest I'm stick of the sight of this tub! I bought this a few years ago (product hoarder alert!) when I was after scene hair, something which I never accomplished thank the lord. I'm not entirely sure how I'll use this in my hair but I'll try and use it all up.
Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation in Creamy Ivory - I have far too many half used foundations in my make up box so it's times I used them. I much prefer wearing this when paired with my Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation as it gives me a fuller coverage.
George Big It Up Mascara - A lovely mascara that makes my eyelashes appear longer. I need this gone so I can start on one of the other mascaras that I own.
MUA Blusher in Shade 3 - A rosy pink blusher that makes me look like I've just stepped in from the cold when I wear it. I love it but I'd like to use it up so I can try a different shade from their range.
AVON Glimmerstick Liqui-Glide Eyeliner in Graphite - A gorgeous grey eyeliner that glides onto my eyelids like a dream, unfortunately the formula for this is quite poor. The first time I used this, half of the eyeliner in the retractable stick broke and everytime I wear it now it brakes or smushes. I'd like to use this all up, as much as I love the colour it is very poor.
AVON Extra Lasting Liquid Eyeliner - An eyeliner with a felt tip nib, it had so much potential but it is incredibly poor. The black colour is barely there and so much for 'extra lasting' - it comes off after about 10 minutes. I'll use this underneath another eyeliner as a guide for a cat flick as I do like the felt tip end. Otherwise, I want it gone!

I hope I manage to use these products up this month, some of them I know I won't use up completely but if I use up even a small portion of it I will be happy!

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