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Review // NYX Rogue Cream Blusher in Glow

A while ago I made an order on Beauty Joint where I bought the NYX Rogue Cream Blush in Glow, a lovely warm pink shade which leaves you with a pretty pink cheeks.

 Before buying this I had never really used a cream blusher before. I had used the Sally Hansen Sheerest Cream Blush (review here) but that isn't really a cream blusher as it's very chalky so adding this blusher to my collection was a nice change. It is incredibly creamy which is an understandable criteria when you buy a cream blush! I use my fingers when applying this so I can control how much product I put on as this blusher is incredibly pigmented and it would be very easy to go OTT with it.

This blusher leaves a natural dewy look on the skin but what you have to remember with this is that less is more! Although, because it is a cream blusher, it's very easy to blend in or build up so you can smooth down any heavy-handedness or build it up for an intense look. I've managed to get about 5 hours wear out of this blusher before it faded away so if you were to wear it for a day out you would have to remember to take it with you to have a little touch up!

I completely love this blusher, it's one of the blushers I've been wearing the most recently. It leaves my cheeks with a lovely, dewy natural pinky glow.

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