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Review // Avon Extra Lasting Liquid Eye Liner Pen in Black

Avon Extra Lasting Liquid Eye Liner Pen - £5.00
I am forever on the hunt for a new eye liner so when I saw Avon's Extra Lasting Liquid Eye Liner Pen recently I thought it would be worth a try. I bought this in the shade Black for about £5 when it was in the sale.

It comes with the nib which I find the most easiest to use when it comes to liquid eyeliners which is a felt tip nib. It is so easy to apply with the nib as you can create a nice little flick to the outer corners of the eyes. Unfortunately that is as good as this eye liner gets. Like I said before, I bought this in the shade black. Unfortunately, this is not a black eye liner. It is incredibly watery and comes out a grey colour when swatched. I had to let it dry then apply another few layers of the eye liner to get a kind-of dark grey colour.

Another low-point to this eye liner is that it does NOT last all day. In fact, it lasts all of about 3 minutes. Literally. The first time I used it I actually thought I was going mad as I applied it, did something else for a few minutes then just happened to glance in the mirror and, "oh wait, where has my eye liner gone??!" It had faded away within minutes. I also swatched this on my hand then tested it out with water - as soon as the eye liner had contact with water it faded away. Very poor indeed. Imagine going out wearing this in the rain.

All in all, a very, very, poor eye liner. I was very disappointed with this eye liner and I can't urge you all to stay away from it more. I'm really sorry Avon - I love your eye liners but this one just doesn't work.

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