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Recent Purchases // YSL Look-A-Like Arty Rings

Black Stone Ring - £6
Turquoise Stone Ring - £6
YSL Arty Ring - £165
I have wanted a YSL Arty Oval Ring for about a year now but with no luck of buying one. I did ask Santa for one but Santa kindly replied with "in your dreams".

Yves St Laurent Arty Oval rings come in at an eye watering £165. I've slowly come to terms with the fact that I won't be able to buy one of these for a while so instead, I hunted the interweb for a look-a-like but purse friendly version.

I searched Google and came across the website Shopdixi where they are selling YSL look-a-likes for just £6! Having searched through a few more pages of the jewellery section, I saw a little deal on where you can buy two for £9. The colours in the deal were turquoise and black, turquoise being the colour I wanted originally.

I decided on buying them with the intention of giving the black one to my sister for Christmas. Effectively I saved £159 and bought two so if you were after the original and might not be able to afford it right now, then it may be worth having a look for some look-a-likes.
The whole reason why I bought this was to give it to my sister for Christmas but I didn't realise that this ring is actually smaller than the turquoise one - meaning that it wouldn't fit either of us! This ring is a size Small, which my sister is and yet it still didn't fit her so I'm not sure if there's something wrong with the sizes or not.
My favourite ring ever. I keep it in the cute little black velvet pouch that came with it and it's a ring that makes me not able to stop staring at it in admiration! I have to admit though, it is actually too big for me and it's size Medium so I can't really win with these rings size wise. Small is too small, medium is too big!

Of course, if you can afford the YSL Arty Ring then knock your socks off, just don't tell me as I'll get jealous.