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Review // Sally Hansen Sheerest Cream Blush in Sunrise

Sally Hansen Sheerest Cream Blush - £2.99
A while ago I bought the Sally Hansen Sheerest Cream Blush off of Amazon for £2.99 whilst originally looking for some hair straighteners - slightly off topic I know! As Sally Hansen does wonders for my nails, perhaps she could work wonders on my face too?

I bought the shade Sunrise. In the photograph on the website the blusher looks like a peachy pink but in real life it's more of a coraly orange. As much as I would have liked the colour in the photo, I am pleased with this colour as it is a colour I wouldn't have necessarily chosen myself.

It's called a Cream Blush but it isn't that creamy, not compared to a NYX Cream Blush that I own. It's much more chalky but it is still incredibly easy to apply, it just has a slightly strange texture. I apply with my fingers and this blusher is perfect for a sweep across the cheekbones or for contouring, it works well for both!

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