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Review // China Glaze Glitter Nail Lacquer in Lorelei's Tiara

I have a self-confessed nail varnish addiction so when I spotted the China Glaze Eye Candy Collection, a collection of nail lacquer's crammed full with glitter, I could hardly resist. I first saw the collection here, and couldn't help but buy three. The first one I'll be reviewing is Lorelei's Tiara, a nail varnish crammed with small silver glittery specs and larger blue glittery chunks.

I applied an undercoat first then applied two coats of Lorelei's Tiara, even though it was opaque enough for just one coat. I then applied a top coat but unlike the other glittery nail varnishes I own, this is very gritty. So much so that I applied a few more layers of top coat to get my nails to feel as smooth as possible as I wasn't too keen on the gritty texture.

I've had this nail varnish on for about 4 days now and I noticed a small chip on one of my nails yesterday but I just painted over it, although with the amount of layers of top coat I have on, I'm surprised it chipped. Regardless of that, Lorelei's Tiara is a beautiful glittery varnish that is worth the gritty texture.

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