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Studded Bottom Bag - £19.95
Update: Since writing this post I have had so many messages on twitter, tumblr and instagram asking for the direct link to this bag. The seller I bought from doesn't stock this bag anymore so I have added a different link to an identical version which is slightly cheaper.

A slightly different post from me today but as I love this bag so much I thought that some of you might love it too and would want to know where it was from. For years I have lusted after the Alexander Wang Rocco Handbag and constantly stare at photos of it on google. Heartbreakingly, they come in at around £500+ so I set out to find a cheaper version.

This look-a-like obviously isn't real leather like the original but it feels incredibly soft and looks real so that's good enough for me. The bag came with the long strap inside the bag which I immediately attached to the rings on the handles as I find it impossible to hold a bag without the need to swing it over my shoulder! Inside the bag is a lovely floral print which I adore. There is two little phone pockets inside, as well as a zip-up pocket in the middle of the bag and a side pocket.

As for the best bit, the bottom of the bag is studded with gold studs which is what we like! I have now owned this bag for three years and it is still going strong with all studs still intact.


  1. The bag is beautiful, I love it. I want a Rocco so badly, but the price is outrageous! x

    1. I know what you mean! I'm going to have this one until I can afford the real thing!x

  2. that's exactly the bag that I always dreamed of

    1. look-a-likes are the way to go!x
      (unless you can afford the real thing!)


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