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Review // Seventeen Magnetized Nail Polish in Teal

For Christmas my sister bought me the Seventeen Magnetized Nail Polish in the shade Teal. I know magnetized nail varnish has quickly become popular, just like the crackle nail polish trend that quickly escalated from no-where. I don't know if magnetized nail varnish will stay popular and current but for now, I couldn't say no to a little try.

What Seventeen say about their Magnetized Nail Polish:
"The polish contains very fine magnetic particles, when you have applied the polish and it's still wet, hover the magnet over your nail and watch the effect appear!"

"Apply polish & whilst wet, hover magnet over nail. Wait for effect to develop. Allow to fully dry."

I actually found this harder to apply than they make it out to be. By the time I had managed to put the brush back in the bottle after painting a quick coating on the nails, pick up the magnet and hover it over my nails, it was already near enough dry. This meant I kept having to reapply the nail varnish until it was wet enough to get some sort of effect on the nails. Another problem I faced was putting the magnet too close to my wet nail and smudging it. I did that a ridiculous amount of times, resulting in me giving up.

Some of the nails look nice, some of them just look incredibly messy. I definitely need much more practice where the whole magnetic/wet nail thing is concerned. Once you get used to it, you can get creative with it and try it from all sorts of different angles to get different effects.

What I do like about this is that each nail will look different to the rest, it's just getting the effect without smudging the nails that's the problem! It lasted about 4 days wearing this without any chipping on the tips of my nails, however I was wearing a topcoat. It's a nice effect but it is a bit of a hassle and a faff to get right.

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