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Tutorial // Leopard Print Nails

A while ago I decided to have a go at a little bit of nail art. I googled nail tutorials and came across a leopard print tutorial, which I changed to suit the colours that I already had. It took me about an hour and a half to do one hand, but bear in mind that that did include drying time etc.
Virgin Vie Glossy Top/Base Coat
I used this all over my nails before and after.
OPI in Coney Island Cotton Candy
I painted this all over my nails on top of the base coat and waited for it to dry.
17 Lasting Fix in Mini Skirt
When I used this I dipped the end of a skewer (pointy end) into the nail varnish pot and and stroked little lines onto my nails with it - be careful not to actually scratch your nails with the pointy end as otherwise you'll have to start again.
Maybelline Forever Strong Pro in Rose Poudre
With this nail varnish I put random little splodges around my nails.
Stargazer Nail Art Pen in Black
With this special nail art pen, I just went round the little splodges and did a few little random spots to make sure it wasn't too neat.

It took a while to do this but I really liked it when it was on my nails. I was really sad when it had started chipping and I had to take it off :-(