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Review // Fearne Cotton Eyeliner Pencil in Black

Fearne Eyeliner Pencil - £2.50
I love Fearne Cotton and I love eyeliner, so when I went into Boots on Sunday and saw Fearne's make-up range standing in all it's glory, I couldn't resist having a little look. After having a good look at everything I settled on an eyeliner pencil in black. Now, I have plenty of eyeliners, in fact I could probably set up a stall of eyeliners and start a little shop as I have so many but at £2.50 I couldn't resist buying another and add to my growing collection.

I wore this eyeliner all day yesterday and I have mixed feelings about it. The pencil itself is rather chunky. I'd actually go as far to say that it isn't a pencil but more of a crayon if we were going on size. This of course has it's upsides and it's downsides. It's much easier to hold than a normal eyeliner pencil which makes it easy to line the eyelid but because of the size of it and because the tip of the pencil is so chunky, it's very hard to draw a thin line. This really makes having a nice little delicate eye line difficult. 

The colour itself is dark black, which makes a change as usually when I buy a black eyeliner they aren't always completely black - sometimes they're more of a grey, which makes me feel a bit cheated. Another con to this eyeliner is that you get a transfer from it on the top of your eyelid - yesterday I spent a lot of time trying to scrub it away. This was a real problem for me actually as I walked around all day with black panda eyes without realising.


  1. so in boots where you live fearne has a makeup stand? we can only get her stuff here at christmas as part of the gift range :(

  2. I never heard this name. Thanks for letting me know about this product. Keep sharing!

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