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Review // MUA Nail Varnish in Shade 9

MUA Nail Varnish - £1.00
Evie Glam Glitter Nail Varnish - £2.00
A few weeks ago I painted my nails with MUA's Shade 9 Nail Varnish which is a pretty sky blue and with Evie Blue Glitter Nail Varnish. I painted all of my nails with MUA's Shade 9 then I used the blue glitter nail varnish as an accent nail.
I've never tried MUA's nail varnishes before so I was a little dubious about buying a nail varnish that costs £1 - either it would be completely amazing: a complete holy grail and a bargain, or it would be a watery thin mess.

After trying out this nail varnish I can say that I am completely impressed. I had to use two coats of the varnish to get an opaque colour but that seems the norm these days. It dries in a short amount of time too.

The formula itself is just like any other nail varnish, it isn't at all watery which I was kind of expecting. Of course, with any product it does have at least one con and the only con I can find to this product is the small fiddly bottle. The brush itself isn't very big so you do have to use a few more strokes than usual to complete a nail but it isn't the end of the world.

Overall, I am super impressed by this nail varnish. For a pound you get an excellent nail varnish which is available in a variety of different colours. You only need two coats to get a fully covered nail and although the bottle is small and fiddly, for a pound you can't go wrong.

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