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Recent Purchases // The Tiffany Pendant Necklace

Tiffany Return to Tiffany Pendant - £100
A while ago I wrote a post about trying to decide which Tiffany necklace to buy for my birthday. Well, I finally decided and today it arrived. 

I cannot stress enough how much that this necklace is not to scale on the website. When I first opened the gorgeous duck-egg blue box and opened the gorgeous little bag inside, I started panicking. I couldn't find my necklace. At first I thought my post-lady was against me and had already unwrapped everything, stolen the necklace and wrapped everything back up again. Of course, this didn't happen. The only reason why I couldn't find my necklace was because it's so bloody small I couldn't see it.

The pedant is super tiny, as is the chain. The website states that it is "size mini on a 16" chain" - Admittedly, when I bought this I didn't read the "size mini" bit so for that I only have myself to blame.

Nonetheless, this necklace is something that I will treasure for the rest of my life. It's beautiful, small and dainty.

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