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Review // MUA Blusher in Shade 3

                                              MUA Blusher - £1.00When I first got told about MUA, all I heard was that all of their items were £1 and they were being sold in Superdrug so I raced down to my local store to pick up a few of their products but was a bit disappointed because pretty much everything was sold out. Although this is good for MUA because it just proves how popular the brand has become in such a short amount of time.

They only had a few bottles of nail varnish left and a few blushers so I quickly purchased the blusher in Shade 3. I've worn this blusher pretty much every day since I bought it so I've really grown to love it. As you can see from the photo above, Shade 3 is a really creamy rosy pink with warm undertones. It really complimented my pale complexion but I think it would compliment any skin tone.

When I first applied this I used my fingers, just to have a play with it and see how much I would need to use when I used a brush. I'm so glad I did this because it made me realise how much of it I didn't need to apply at one time - It made me look a bit flushed when I whacked it on first time round! I found that one quick sweep over my cheekbones was plenty and gave a rather healthy finish. 

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