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Review // JRB Nail Enamel in Pink and Green Glitter

JRB Nail Enamel in Nail Varnish - £1.35
Last week I read Adrienne's post about glittery nail varnishes and as soon as I saw the photos of them, I knew that I just had to have a little peek. A little peek quickly turned into a little purchase..

I ordered the JRB Nail Enamel in Pink and Green Glitter last week and it arrived within 2 days, which I thought was excellent. However, as you can see from the photo above, I seem to have received a bottle that was half full. I emailed the seller on eBay and apparently they are supposed to be filled to the white line at the top. The seller swiftly gave me a refund and that was that.

Pink and Green Glitter is a clear nail varnish crammed full of different sized pieces of glitter. I've worn it as a top coat underneath Miss Sporty's Lasting Colour Nail Varnish in Fatal Black but you can wear it on it's own as it is so jam packed with glitter. I'm sure a couple of coats of it will cover the nails completely.

I've only used one coat of glitter for my nails, so you can see how much glitter it has in it. In the bottle is two different types and shapes of glitter - there's very small specs of green glitter, and large specs of pink round glitter.

It dries really quickly and I used a top coat on top just to make it look extra glossy. I found that this chipped pretty quickly which is a shame but as it does dry so quickly it doesn't bother me having to re-apply.

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