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Review // 17 Wild Metallic Cream Eyeshadow in Wild Midnight Blue and Wild Purple

17 Wild Metallic Cream Eyeshadow - £3.99
After reading a lot of the hype around the 17's Wild Metallic Cream Eyeshadow recently, I finally caved in and bought two last week on a trip to Boots. I got them as a part of the 3 for 2 offers that are going on at the moment, along with the 17 BB Cream. I picked up the shades Wild Midnight Blue and Wild Purple.

The Boots website describes these as "a creamy mousse formula which glides onto eyelidsalthough I would have to disagree. It's definitely creamy, but I wouldn't say it is a mousse. I've tried Rimmel London's Colour Mousses and they are light and mousse-like but these are definitely just cream eyeshadows.
Wild Midnight Blue
This is called a Midnight Blue but as you can see from the little pot, it looks a lot like black. However, once applied it looks like a muted blue, although I'd still say it was black. It has an iridescent glitter running through it which is nice in time for the festive season. I applied this on my eyelids using my fingers to wear it as a wash of colour and was a bit disappointed. Within 10 minutes it had creased really badly and had nearly faded away.
Wild Purple
Wild Purple is a lovely violety colour with a silver shimmer running through it. Out of the two shades I've picked up, I'd say that this was the more wearable of the two as you could wear it during the day as well as during the night. Again, I applied this using my fingers to wear as a wash of colour and again, it creased within a really short period of time.

Because of this, I then applied the Cream Eyeshadows on top of a primer and they lasted around an hour before creasing and fading slightly. I found that they were much best used as a base, with an eyeshadow or two layered on top. 
You do need to use a lot of the product to build up the colour. They look a bit matte without the flash but they're very shimmery and sparkly.

Overall, two nice cream eyeshadows and, although they don't entirely live up to their claims, they're a bit of fun and add a bit of a sparkle to the eye area. One really big down point I found was that when used on their own, they creased within no time at all. I found that disappointing as I bought them to wear as a wash of colour so now they are only used as a base.


  1. Midnight Blue looks really nice, shame about the swatch not washing off! x

  2. Theyre both amazing colours! but do they stay/sit well on your eyelids? xxxx


  3. @heather they last all of about 10 minutes before creasing! I'll put up a review soon xx