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Review // Seventeen BB Blemish Balm in Light

On a recent trip to Boots I picked up the Seventeen BB Blemish Cream in the shade 'Light'. It was a part of the 3 for 2 offer and I couldn't see anything else that I wanted after I picked up two Wild Cream Eyeshadows so I thought I would give it a go. 

A Blemish Balm is like a lighter version of a foundation. It is supposed to give full coverage, cover imperfections, even out skintone, hide dark circles, correct blemishes and it is also supposed to protect against sun exposure - so putting it simply, it does everything. It's a foundation, a moisturiser, a concealer and a bit of sun tan lotion whacked into one small 30 ml bottle.

Unfortunately this BB cream is only available in two shades - Light and Medium. I bought this in Light as I'm quite pale and I'm really fortunate that it matches my skintone perfectly. 

On the day that I applied this I wasn't too well so was a bit paler than usual. I applied a thin layer of the Seventeen BB Balm all over the face, covering a few blemishes on the way and it seemed to cover them quite well. I had to try it again another day when I had the usual red tinge to my cheeks to see how it fared and again I applied another thin layer. It evened out some of my skintone but not all of it but I suppose if I wanted to cover my face completely I would have worn a foundation.

The Seventeen BB Balm hides my dark circles under my eyes well and helped cover my spots but if I wanted to hide the redness on my cheeks I would have to use a bit more than usual to do so. If I was just after a small amount of coverage then I would use this on it's own, but if I wanted full coverage then I would consider putting a little concealer on too. A lot of people have been saying that this is just like tinted moisturiser but I think it depends on how you would want to use it. Some days I don't feel like wearing foundation so I would reach for this; some days I just want a full coverage so I would wear foundation instead.

I love the matte finish to this as I have quite oily skin and I cannot stand a shiny face! It's also really light on the face and doesn't feel caked on or heavy at all. The downside to this product is that it only has two shades, although this doesn't effect me directly, I can see this being a problem for some people. 

I would definitely buy this again and at £6.99, it's the cheapest BB Cream I've come across. I'd recommend this to you all, although I'd recommend you think about how you'd use it before you buy it as you might be disappointed in a lack of full coverage and shades.

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  1. I've done some reviews on BB creams here:
    The good ones will oxidise to blend into your own skin tone.
    I've never actually seen BB cream in the UK before as I get all of mine from asia, would be great to compare!
    Rinny x