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Review // Max Factor Second Skin Foundation in Creamy Ivory

Max Factor Second Skin Foundation - £12.99
I recently went into Boots for a little browse and came home with a new foundation, the Max Factor Second Skin Foundation. I had tried and tested lots of other foundations in Boots that day but found that this foundation was the only one I thought that matched my skintone. As I have a very pale complexion I find that Ivory is sometimes too orange whereas the palest foundation is too pale so finding the correct foundation colour is definitely a struggle.
Whilst this foundation is creamy and gives even coverage, I was devastated to take it home and apply it all over my face to realise that Boots' lighting had tricked me. This foundation is slightly too orange for my skintone which does make it a little tricky to wear. In order to do so I have mix a paler foundation in with it to alter the colour slightly which, as you can imagine, is a pain and not what you want from a foundation but that is entirely my own stupid fault.

Regardless, when I foundation brush to apply it, I usually only need 2-3 pumps to get enough to cover all of my face. It gives a lovely even look which tends to last all day which is great. Another slight fault I have found with this foundation is that it is slightly heavy on the skin. All of the previous foundations I have owned have been really lightweight on the skin, so much so that I forget that it is there so it takes a little getting used to. Also, it does make my skin look a little shiny so I have to finish off with a matte powder on top. 

Is it like a second skin like the bottle suggests? Not quite.

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