Let's talk contouring, shall we? Has contouring always been around or is it a relatively new thing? I have been very late to hop on the contouring bandwagon. I think the reason why I have been so reluctant to try it out is because of the fact that I am guilty of a rather heavy hand. I don't want to go too OTT, nor do I think I am quite up to applying contour and highlighter a la Kim K and getting perfect results first time round. I know blending is key but there's some mornings where I just don't have time to stand in front of the mirror and blend my entire face with a beauty blender. That said, I want to be good at contouring. I want to be able to contour my cheekbones so that they look sharp enough to slice your finger on. I've never really had the tools to do so though, until now.

We all go through tough days, days where you get in from work and wonder what the point is. Where you wonder if you actually need a job after all. I can live off ASDA Smart Price Baked Beans, right? When I have days like this, I buy stuff. Usually make-up although I am prone to cheap tat from China via eBay and unsuitable shoes. Upon my recent down day, I purchased the Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit and I have not regretted it since. Which is great as it is priceyy.

About the Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit:
"Anastasia Beverly Hills' easy-to-use 'Contour Cream Kit' is comprised of six blendable shades with a smooth and creamy texture. Perfect to create the illusion of higher cheekbones or a softer jawline, these velvety formulas have a lightweight feel on the skin and impart a subtle, dewy finish."

Available in four different shades, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit consists of 6 different cream shades which help to create a chiseled jawline or higher cheekbones. I purchased the lightest shade in the range which was Fair, although there is also Light, Medium and Dark on offer. The 6 cream contouring shades are described as being sheer-yet-pigmented and whilst I wouldn't say they were sheer, they are definitely pigmented! 

The shades within the palette are Soft Light, Lustre, Fair, Fawn, Shadow and Mink. The top three colours are the lightest, most suitable for highlighting, whereas the bottom three are most suitable for contouring. The first time you use the cream shades, you are taking off a thin waxy layer which is actually a different shade to the real shade below. This is most noticeable in the three bottom shades within the palette in the photos above, especially with Mink which is the furthest right on the bottom. Once you have got past the waxy layer, each shade is really light in texture whilst being rich in pigmentation. 

Palette shade wise, I am very happy I purchased this in the shade Fair. I am very pale so buy the palest shade in foundation then I have to add lightening drops to them in order to lighten them further and I think the Light palette would have been far too dark for me. The top three shades, Soft Light, Lustre and Fair are perfect for brightening and highlighting, especially the shade Lustre which has a bit of a shimmer to it. I find the darkest shade in the palette, Mink to be slightly terrifying in the pan but once applied to the face lightly and blended in, it is the perfect contour shade. The other two brown shades, Fawn and Shadow are also perfect for using in between the light and dark shades as a sort of transition shade. 

When used with either a tapered contour brush or a beauty blender, the cream contour shades blend perfectly. I was actually quite surprised at just how perfectly they blend together. Don't get me wrong, the first time I tried it I looked ridiculous and couldn't leave the house but after a bit of practice you start to wonder why you haven't done it sooner!

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit may be pricey but it is worth every penny. Not only is the packaging made consumer-friendly with the magnetic close lock but it feels really sturdy. I wouldn't mind travelling with it, nor would I be worried about baggage handlers throwing it about and praying it remains in one piece. You get a lot of product for your money with each of the 6 shades containing 4.5 g and as a little goes a long way anyway, this palette will last you a while. I am so impressed by this product and whilst is may be slightly expensive at £39, it is definitely worth the money. It is long-lasting, creamy, pigmented and best of all, it makes you look like a slightly better looking version of yourself which is rather remarkable!


Review | Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit in Fair

I have a really love/hate relationship with mascaras. I am yet to meet one which I am utterly in love with. I don't think I've ever used one which has made me want to write to my sister telling her all about it and actually, I think a lot of people feel the same as I do. I am not very brand loyal at the best of times (if I find something better then I'm sure as hell going to use that over what I was using previously) but I am definitely not brand loyal when it comes to mascara. I don't think I have bought the same mascara twice. I usually buy any old mascara which is on offer in Boots, all of which give pretty damn average results.

I went to KIKO in Bath recently where they had all of their mascaras half price which was awfully inviting. Like I said before, I usually pick up any old mascara but goodness me, was there a lot of choice in KIKO. We're talking roughly around 30 different mascaras, all for less than £4. I was torn between a few different variations but in the end I went for a daily treatment mascara to see if it would actually have any effect on my eyelashes if I were to use it without fail for 30 days. There was also the same product but a night time mascara treatment which definitely sounds interesting but for now, I chose the KIKO 30 Days Extension Daily Treatment Mascara.

About the KIKO 30 Days Extension Daily Treatment Mascara:
"Black lash lengthening mascara which combines its immediate aesthetic performance with a special lash growth enhancer treatment. A new miraculous cosmetic with proven efficacy that acts on the natural development cycle of the lashes bringing them to new length targets. K² pro-growth complex acts like an out-and-out concentrated nutritional supplement containing substances that are quickly assimilated by the structure of your lashes. Thanks to a sophisticated "mobile" micro-encapsulation system, the valuable active ingredients penetrate into the lashes and move along them toward their roots, where they can undertake their action. The special highly flexible elastomer mascara brush coats the lashes with intense black giving them instant length and definition."

The idea of the KIKO 30 Days Extension Daily Treatment Mascara is to use it every day for 30 days in hope that your eyelashes will significantly grow. KIKO suggest using this daily growth mascara alongside the KIKO 30 Days Extension Night Treatment Booster to get the best results which I wanted to try as well but out of the 30 mascaras KIKO had in store, they didn't have that one. I was still looking forward to giving the treatment mascara a try, with or without the night time booster mascara.

The mascara comes housed in a lovely gold 8 ml tube which looks a hell of a lot more expensive than it actually is. It kind of reminds of the YSL Shocking Mascara, just ever so slightly cheaper. The wand has flat comb bristles which help to separate and define the lashes and whilst I usually prefer mascaras which have a big, fat, chunky bristles, I was really looking forward to trying this mascara to see what sort of results you can achieve from it.

The first thing I noticed about this mascara was how wet it was. After applying the first layer it immediately transferred underneath the eye and onto my eyelid so it is very wet. I applied the mascara by wiggling it from the root upwards and it immediately separated the lashes and gave them a tiny bit of length but it wasn't too noticeable with the first layer. I then applied a second layer slightly dubiously as I am not too much of a fan of spidery lashes and fortunately that didn't happen, nor did it clump at all. I usually only apply two layers so I left it at that and I actually much preferred this mascara on the bottom lashes than I did on the top. I much prefer my mascaras to give me length and volume rather than separate the eyelashes and I feel that this KIKO 30 Days Extension Mascara didn't really do that, not immediately anyway.

I continued to use this mascara for nearly two weeks to see if my eyelashes had grown at all and to be honest, I couldn't tell a difference. To me this is just a regular black mascara. It does the job well and makes your eyelashes nice and black but I prefer mascaras to give me more volume than this mascara gives so would I buy it again? No, but I would definitely try another KIKO mascara. There is 30 to choose from, after all.


Review | KIKO 30 Days Extension Daily Treatment Mascara

I recently shared with you how I was very kindly sent a selection of Philosophy products and this, my friends, is my all-time favourite. Smelling good-enough to eat with words as beautiful enough to melt my icy heart, the Philosophy Purity 3-in-1 Cleanser can do no wrong in my eyes. Available in four different sizes varying from 90 ml to 720 ml, it is certainly one of the more expensive cleansers I have tried but in my eyes, it is a real treat. I have purchased this cleanser many times before, each time as a little pick-me-up, something to lighten my mood on a really miserable day. Let me tell you all about one of my all-time favourite skin care products, the Philosophy Purity 3-in-1 Cleanser.

The Philosophy behind the Purity Cleanser:
"Purity is natural. We come into this world with all the right instincts. We are innocent, and therefore perceive things as they should be, rather than how they are. Our conscience is clear, our hands are clean, and the world at large is truly beautiful. It is at this time we feel most blessed. To begin feeling young again, we must begin with the most basic step of all; the daily ritual of cleansing."

About the Philosophy Purity 3-in-1 Cleanser:

"Purity made simple is an award-winning, one-step daily facial cleanser that removes makeup, cleanses, tones and lightly hydrates the skin. this facial cleanser rapidly dissolves dirt, oil and makeup to deep clean pores while maintaining the skin's proper moisture levels. purity made simple is gentle enough for the eye area and even for the most sensitive skin."

To put it bluntly, the Philosophy Purity 3-in-1 Cleanser smells utterly incredible. It is slightly indescribable but it smells cross between citrus fruits and lemon sherbet. It is an incredibly fresh and clean scent, one which would be more than inviting if you had to apply it at 5 am in the morning before work, as well as at 11 pm in the evening. It doesn't linger too long on the skin unfortunately but if you are a fan of the scent of lemons then this will be a product for you!

Whilst I don't use my cleansers to remove my make-up, I do use them immediately afterwards to help remove any little scraps left over. I wet my face, squeeze a small pea-sized amount into my hands then massage Purity into my face for a good few seconds. It doesn't foam or lather like other cleansers, instead it melts into the skin whilst cleansing, toning and removing any final hints of make-up. When washed off it leaves the skin feeling so soft, fresh and clean without irritating the skin or drying it out at all.

All these years later, I still love Purity as much now as I did back that. It is definitely on the pricey side but I do believe your skin is something to invest in and whilst I am sure you can find a much cheaper dupe, sometimes there is products which are worth spending a bit more on. The Philosophy Purity 3-in-1 Cleanser smells wonderful, it cleanses, tones and removes make-up perfectly and a little goes a long way so a bottle will last you a very long time. In my eyes, it is worth every penny and I can't recommend it enough!


Review | Philosophy Purity 3-in-1 Cleanser

I think I may speak on behalf of everyone when I say that we are all guilty of owning too many eyeshadow palettes. Out of all of those palettes, how many eyeshadows within them do you actually use? Sometimes when I am doing my make-up, I will take a shade out of one palette before using another shade from a different palette in the crease before then taking a different eyeshadow from a third palette to use underneath the eye. That's 3 different palettes for just one pretty basic eye makeup look - don't get me started on how many different palettes I would need if I wanted anything bolder than that. If I stuck to that one look for a while and stuck to those three shades within those three different palettes, it will be pretty annoying travelling with three big palettes just for the sake of 3 eyeshadows within them. We all have one or two eyeshadow palettes floating around where, if we were honest with ourselves, we only really like one or two eyeshadows within so you have goodness knows how many eyeshadows sat there never to be used, which is why creating your own eyeshadow palettes using Z Palettes is such a fantastic idea. Creating a personalised eyeshadow palette filled with eyeshadows you know you will love and wear - because you picked them yourself. However, if you love neutral, taupe eyeshadows then I may have found the palette for you - and you will never have to reach for a different palette ever again.

Morphe 35 Colour Eye Shadow Palettes have suddenly become very, very popular. They sell out quickly, have a massive following and are, in my opinion, worth every penny. There are currently lots of different Morphe Eye Shadow Palettes out there, most of which are completely sold out and if you want the chance to purchase one, you've gotta join the end of a pretty long waiting list. I often used to wonder about the names to all of the Morphe Palettes. 35T? 35O? 35OM? What do these mean? Well, the 35 stands for how many shades are within the palette and the lettering stands for the shades within. For example, 35T is 35 Taupe (eye shadows), so 35O is 35 Orange (eye shadows) where 35OM is 35 Orange Matte (eye shadows). I have just signed up to the waiting list to purchase the oh so popular 35O and the 35F, which is the Fall into Frost Palette where all of the eyeshadows have a frost finish to them. Today, however is all about the Morphe 35 Colour Taupe Eye Shadow Palette aka, the 35T.

About the Morphe 35T Eyeshadow Palette:
"Astonishingly good value, Morphe Brushes’ 35-pan palette (35T) contains an array of dazzling shades for creating a spectrum of make up effects – from subtle eye-enhancement to dramatic, after-hours smoulder. The sleek, slimline palette is a favourite of professional make up artists (perfect for taking on travels), while the buttery powders blend together beautifully to achieve a seamlessy, photo-ready finish. With an array of matte, satin and shimmering shadows – from pink-toned taupe to blackberry, via gold, bronze, copper and rust – this is a whole wardrobe of beauty looks in one, convenient case."

The Morphe 35T Palette is filled with 35 gorgeous matte, satin and shimmery eyeshadows with each shade varying from deep plum to beautiful copper. There is not a shade within this palette that is not well suited to the shade next to it. Each eyeshadow compliments the rest wonderfully well and surprisingly, there is not a shade within the 35T palette which I would not wear. There is no rogue colours which have been dropped in there merely to make up the numbers, each eyeshadow is very pretty and most importantly, very wearable.

Before I divulge into the shades a little bit more, I just want to mention the packaging. The packaging to this eyeshadow palette feels so unbelievably cheap. Don't get me wrong, when I am paying just over £20 for 35 eyeshadows I would rather the eyeshadows would be the best they could be rather than lose quality down to having better packaging but even so, this packaging is lousy. I am pretty sure my £1.99 Natural Collection eyeshadow has more quality packaging-wise than this palette has. If you fall in love with the eyeshadows then you can see past the packaging but it is certainly a shocker when you first open the box and pull the palette out.

None of the 35 eyeshadows have a name to them so it is hard to talk about a specific eyeshadow but each shade is so pigmented, it is hard to believe that each eyeshadow costs just 62p. I thought that because this a taupe eyeshadow palette that all of the shades would be cool toned but there is a great array of colours within the palette, each with an array of different finish. Each eyeshadow is really easy to apply, easy to blend and stay put all day long when used with an eyeshadow primer.

Other than the pacakaging, I don't have a bad word to say about this Morphe palette. It is worth every single penny. For just over £21, you get 35 incredibly wearable eyeshadows, with eye shade within the palette holding its own against the other shades. Usually in a palette of this size there will be a few dud eyeshadows which have been placed in there purely to make up the numbers but not with this palette - each eyeshadow is perfect. I cannot recommend the Morphe Palettes enough. When your turn at the front of the waiting lists arises, make sure you get one!


Review | Morphe 35 Colour Taupe Eye Shadow Palette (35T)

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