Matte liquid lipsticks. Are we still on that trend train? Or are we all sick of our lips feeling like sandpaper all of the time?  I will admit that I had gone off them ever so slightly, especially around winter time when my lips just got so dry that no matter which brand of liquid lipstick I choose, it always ended up looking like a flakey dry mess. Around winter you want to apply something really nourishing and hydrating and because of that, my liquid lipsticks didn't really see much light of day. Now that we are back into Spring and Summer is soon approaching, I am ready to embrace them again which is great as I own an awful bloody lot of them. One shade in particular I have been wearing a lot recently is one from HUDA Beauty. One of the most recent lipsticks to hop into my collection, the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in Medusa is a shade I gave away last year in a giveaway but fortunately I kept one back for myself as it proven to be very popular indeed!

About the HUDA Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks:
"Non-drying, featherweight, densely-pigmented and with a stunning, suedette finish, there's nothing about Huda Beauty's Liquid Matte we're not obsessed with. Already causing a furore, the silky formula applies like a lipgloss then dries in moments - cloaking your pout with a smooth, kiss-resistant veil of vibrant colour that won't smudge, flake or transfer. Enriched with nourishing ingredients, there's a shade to match each of the bestselling Lip Contour pencils, alongside seven stunning new hues ranging from deep plum (Material Girl) to on-trend '90s beige-brown (Spice Girl) - but be warned! These won't stick around so snap yours up before your best friend beats you to it."

The HUDA Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks are available in 16 different shades with 16 identical Lip Contours (that's lip liners to you and I) to ensure precise application. I love that each shade has its own liner as sometimes it can be really hard to find a liner which matches the lipstick and whilst it may look good on Little Mix, I am really not a fan of nude lipstick and dark brown lip liner. When I bought my lipsticks, the matching liners had sold out so I have had to make do without but I do really think the matching lip liner would help create a much neater and precise application.

Medusa is a really wearable dusty mauve shade which is slightly out of my comfort zone colour-wise as I don't tend to go for purple tones but I thought I would try and break free of the pink rut I seem to have got myself in. I find that the colour itself is actually slightly darker than that on the packaging but it is still a really wearable, vampy shade. When it comes down to application I do find it to be slightly messy but name me a liquid lipstick which doesn't require 5 minutes of complete silence and a very steady hand? I really think the matching lip liner would make application a dream but you just need a few moments of concentration to get a clean application.

Once applied, Medusa appears to have more of a shine finish but after a few moments it dries down completely matte. I didn't find that the HUDA Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick showed up any dry areas on the lips at all which is suprising, although that may have been a slightly different story if I had applied it in the height of winter! I found that once it had dried it did feel quite heavy on the lips - not in an uncomfortable way but you can definitely feel that something is on there so it definitely isn't the most lightweight liquid lipstick that I have tried. Longevity wise it stays put all day long without budging or transferring which is pretty damn good. I didn't find that it cracked or peeled off whatsoever so I literally cannot fault the longevity at all. If you want a long-lasting lipstick then this is definitely one to consider!

I have to just mention the smell of these HUDA Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks as, Christ, they smell bad. So bad. The worst smelling lipstick I have ever owned. I hate synthetic, vanilla smells and blimey, this is the strongest synthetic vanilla scent I have smelt. Just like the first shade in the range that I tried and was horrified at, I was so shocked at the smell of Medusa. It was horrendous and unfortunately it lingers on the lips for quite a long time. It is like walking around with a Vanilla Yankee Candle attached to your lips which is alright if you like that sort of thing but I really don't have the stomach for it.

If I were just to review this product on the lipstick alone then I would say it is probably the best matte liquid lipsticks I have tried. They remind me of the Kylie Lip Kits in consistency and texture but ever so slightly cheaper and I absolutely love the shade range. I would happily own every single shade as they are all so beautiful and I love that you can buy the matching lip liner to make for an easier and precise application. They stay put all day long without budging, transferring or creasing and I really could not ask more from a lipstick. The only thing that really lets this product down is the smell. Why every single liquid lipstick must have an overwhelmingly sickly sweet scent to it I will never know but boy, this is probably the worst I have smelt out of all I have tried. Get rid of the smell, HUDA Beauty, and these could be the best matte liquid lippies around.


Review | HUDA Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in Medusa

I've had acrylic nails on since February so you could say it was time to wave them goodbye and to give my real nails a little bit of TLC. I will be honest with you and say that removing the acrylics was a bit like trying to fake tan your body with a teaspoon - ie, bloody hard work. My nails aren't actually in bad condition which is remarkable considering I have had acrylics on for over two months but now is definitely time to look after my natural nails and hopefully make them healthy again.

Before I took my acrylic nails off I was asked if I wanted to try out some nail varnishes which were free of the 5 nasty chemicals usually found within nail polish formulas - umm, yes please! I was asked what sort of shades I would prefer to receive and I opted for nude shades. Don't get me wrong, I still love the reds and the hot pinks but after two months of staring at nude ombre nails, I wasn't ready to let it go just yet. I was sent two beautiful shades from the Leighton Denny High Performance Nail Colour* range in the shades Starkers and Supermodel - you can't really get a more 'nuder' shade than one named Starkers, can you?!

About the Leighton Denny High Performance Nail Colours:
"These gorgeous polishes are formulated for advanced wear and an ultra-glossy, chip-resistant finish. All Leighton Denny Expert Nails polishes are formulated free of the 5 nasties - Tosylamide Formaldehyde resin, Camphor, DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde!"

The Leighton Denny High Performance Nail Colours* are formulated for advanced wear, leaving the nails with an ultra-glossy, chip resistant finish. What I like most about the formula is that they don't include the 5 nasty chemicals found in most nail polishes, meaning they should be slightly better for your nails rather than your average, run of the mill, drugstore polishes. 

The two shades I have are Starkers and Supermodel. Starkers is a really pretty, soft, nearly-sheer nude pink. Think french manicure pink with this one. It is very nude. If you were after an opaque shade then I would maybe stay clear of this one but if you persisted and applied a few layers of it then eventually you will build the colour up to be more opaque. The next shade I have is Supermodel, which is soft mink colour. Perfect for everyday, this shade is one I know I can rely on. It reminds me ever so slightly of Barry M Mushroom, a shade I loved back in the day so it is nice to have a similar shade back in my collection. I recently had a massive cull of my nail polishes after accumulating nearly 250 and sticking to the same 5 shades which somehow ended up in rotation, I think I am down to about 20 now which is still a lot to some but for me that's hardly anything!

I have only worn Supermodel so far, the shade I applied as soon as I took my acrylic nails off, and I was so surprised at how opaque it was. I literally applied just one coat to each nail and that was all I needed. No need to faff around with layering up the nail varnish to get a bold statement shade on the nails, the formula is so good that you don't need to waste time with all of that. One coat and you are good to go. I never tend to believe brands when they say their nail varnish is chip-resistant and unfortunately this nail varnish doesn't live up to their claims, although I didn't apply a top coat. I have worn Supermodel for 3 days and my nails have chipped just ever so slightly but in all honesty it doesn't bother me at all. Yes it would be nice to find a chip-resistant nail varnish but there are bigger things in life to worry about than a chipped nail and it's nothing that a fresh coat of polish that won't solve!

Overall, I am really impressed with this range of nail varnish! There are over 100 shades in the range to choose from so you will be utterly spoilt for choice, the shades are really pigmented and you only need one coat to cover each nail and whilst they may not be chip-resistant, they are formulated without 5 of the main chemicals commonly found in nail polishes and they are reasonably priced at £12 each. 

(* PR sample)


Review | Leighton Denny High Performance Nail Colours in Starkers and Supermodel

I'm a new convert to concealer after years of not bothering with it and in the short space of time that I have started incorporating it into my everyday make-up routine, I can't live without it. My current favourite, the Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer, really brightens up the area beneath my eyes as well as covering any spots that I may have. It really is such a wonderful, long-lasting concealer which comes in about 100 different shades so there is a shade for everyone but the only downside is that it is so hard to get hold of. I really should have stocked up when I was in America as when I run out I will be slightly bereft. That said, at the same time I bought a concealer from Maybelline which currently isn't available in the UK (I sure do know how to pick them!) but it's so good that hopefully it will make its way across into UK drugstores soon!

The reason why I was so drawn to the Maybelline Face Studio Master Conceal is that it is full-coverage and camouflaging. Whilst my make-up application isn't yet up to the same standards of the Insta-famous, I do still like my base to be full-coverage and dare I say it, heavy. I really do dislike sheer foundations and concealers. When I apply my make-up I do so to cover up what is 'lurking beneath' so to speak. I have rosacea on my face and I hate the pink, reddy tones caused by it so I like to hide it as much as possible, hence why I prefer products which offer full-coverage. Which is exactly what this concealer offers!

About the Maybelline Face Studio Master Conceal:
"Maybelline's full-coverage, high-resistance concealer camouflages imperfections and dark circles to deliver an undetectable finish."

The Maybelline Face Studio Master Concealer is available in 5 different shades - two light, two medium and one dark shade. Shade-wise there isn't a great deal to choose from which is slightly disappointing, especially to those of which have darker skin. It is really rare to find foundations and concealers which come in a whole array of shades to suit all which is why I love the Sephora own brand so much. Straight away Maybelline are doing themselves an almost injustice in only selling this concealer in just 5 shades as they are excluding a massive amount of their consumers which is a real shame as the product is actually really good.

I bought this concealer in the shade Light which is the second lightest shade in the range. Had I known at the time that they sold a lighter shade then I would have gone for that one as Light is ever so slightly too dark for me but it's nothing that a dab of the Body Shop Lightening Drops can't solve! The Maybelline Face Studio Master Conceal comes housed in a little 12 ml squeezy tube which is really easy to use and apply. I squeez a small amount onto the back of my hand, dot it underneath my eyes and on any spots I want to cover then blend it in using a damp beauty blender. The results? Well, it is certainly full-coverage, let me tell you! This concealer is fairly thick in consistency so you only need a small amount to cover a large area but it blends perfectly and it hides every single blemish on the skin. I've never used anything like it before. It covers everything without making the skin appear cakey. I have finally found the product I have been looking for!

I absolutely love the formula and the results this concealer offers. It does everything it claims to without making the skin appear cakey or heavy with make-up. It is almost as if it airbrushes the skin to give the appearance of one tone as it just covers everything up so well without being obvious on the skin. It blends in perfectly and I cannot fault the product itself. What I can fault is the shade range which is atrocious. When a brand makes a great product that they believe in they should create it in as many shades as possible to make it appeal to as many people as possible. By only creating the product in 5 shades they are really limiting themselves to just a small amount of customers who can purchase it due to the shade range. I really hope this concealer finds its way across to the UK - and in a few more shades as it is a really wonderful, heavy-duty concealer which is perfect for anyone who is after a really affordable, drugstore concealer which offers full-coverage.


Review | Maybelline Face Studio Master Conceal in Light

For a long time now I have stuck to neutral toned shades on my eyes. Sometimes I like to put shimmery, vibrant colours on the inner corners of the eye just to give a pop of colour but I wish I had more confidence to wear bright orange or bright green eyeshadows to work every day. Neutral tones are nice and safe but sometimes I want to experiment with bright blues, reds and greens. When I was in America recently I made a big Colourpop order full of bright and vibrant shimmery eyeshadows which I thought was enough but I couldn't resist purchasing a couple more eyeshadows in shades outside of my comfort zone.

As soon as I saw the Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadow in Sunglasses Needed, I didn't need to think twice before I put it in my basket. Of course, I didn't need a bright canary yellow eyeshadow but I thought it would make for a really pretty transition shade, as well as being perfect for applying to the inner corners of the eye for a pop of colour to a neutral brown base. 

About the Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadows:
"A range of shadows featuring highly pigmented, long-lasting colors in a variety of finishes. Watch makeup go from everyday to extraordinary with this endless array of colors and finishes. These shadows provide superior color, coverage, and long-lasting wear (up to 10 hours) thanks to the Color Eye Last complex, which includes an exclusive combination of up to 70 percent pigments, pearls, and shimmer particles. The shadows are also exceptionally easy to apply with micronized pigments that make for an ultrasmooth, blendable texture."

The Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadow in Sunglasses Needed is a really pretty bright canary yellow which may take you outside of your comfort zone like it did me. It is in a matte finish which has a really velvety soft formula to it which makes application and blending out incredibly easy. Because it is so easy to blend out it really does make for the most perfect transition shade in the crease of the eye. It is very pigmented so you only need a small amount on a fluffy crease brush to help blend everything through. I haven't yet used Sunglasses Needed all over the eye as a base shade but I will do, when I pluck up the courage! 

I really love the Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadows as they are all so soft and pigmented. Blending and application is so easy when you have this formula to work with and when paired with a MAC Paint Pot they last all day long on the eyelids. With over 100 shades to choose from in 3 different finishes, it is really hard to choose just a couple to take home with you! I know everyone goes in to Sephora for Kat Von D, Tarte, Becca etc but I really do love their own brand. I've not yet tried a product from the Sephora Collection which I didn't like so don't wrinkle your nose up at the own brand as it really does hold its own up against the bigger brands!


Review | Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadow in Sunglasses Needed

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