Following on from my last post where I raved about the NYX Glitter Primer, I think it is time to rave about the accompanying product - the glitter! I said in my most recent post that when I am laying in bed unable to sleep at night the one thing I do is look through Instagram at either nail art or eyeshadow to try and find some inspiration for the next day and the most popular looks I have seen time and time again is either a cut crease or glitter which has been tightly packed onto the eyelids then finished off with jet black eyeliner. I absolutely love these looks and wanted to create my own so I thought I would try out some glitter pigments myself and see if they are as much hassle as they first appear to be!

After picking up the NYX Glitter Primer, I then browsed their glitter pigments. With 12 shades available, there is a reasonable selection to choose from, ranging from bright violet to gunmental grey. As the copper shade was sold out, which would have been my initial first choice, I then decided to go for the NYX Face & Body Glitter in Rose.

About the NYX Face & Body Glitters:
"NYX Face & Body Glitter is a vibrant glitter makeup for the face and body that instantly infuses sparkle and style to any look, day or night. Available in 12 light-catching shades, ranging from ruby red and multi-coloured purple, to bronzy brown and yellow gold. Pair with our Glitter Primer for a sparkle-perfect look."

The NYX Face & Body Glitter comes housed in a small 2.5 g pot which has a shaker style dispenser at the top of it meaning that the glitter doesn't come gushing out when you are trying to apply it. This is great as it means that you don't waste any product but I do find it slightly tedious trying to shake out a decent sized amount into the lid to get enough product out to cover both eyelids. Let's face it, glitter pigments aren't the tidiest or neatest of products to use but I'm not sure if I would prefer just an open twist up lid like on the MAC Pigments. Although if I knocked the whole pot over onto my carpet I would be devastated so I am not sure which style I would prefer best! 

The NYX Face & Body Glitter in Rose is a really pretty metallic pink shade, although when I do hear rose as a colour I immediately think of rose gold, a shade it most certainly isn't! Instead it is a really pretty and wearable pink which is perfect for parties, evenings our and even day-to-day use. I wouldn't shy away from wearing this shade to work although I do like to experiment with my make-up on a day-to-day basis, regardless of if I have to go to work or not. 

Application of glitter pigments looks like an awful lot of faff and mess but actually it is so incredibly easy! I wouldn't use this product without the NYX Glitter Primer. It is a godsend. I first apply my eye bases and eyeshadows like usual, then I pat on the NYX Glitter Primer using a flat eyeshadow brush. Then, I shake out some of the Rose glitter into the product lid then using the same brush as before, I dip it into the glitter then press it onto the eyelid. It sticks instantly like glue as the primer is really tacky in consistency and it dries clear, meaning it is really easy to build up the glitter on the eyelid so you can really pack it on to get one shimmering, sparkling, glittering eyelid. I am obsessed.

Throughout the day I received so many compliments on the glitter which was rather flattering and best of all, with the use of the primer it meant that the NYX Face & Body Glitter stayed put all day long without budging, moving, fading or creasing. Another worry I had when it came to wearing glitter on the eyelids was that it would be uncomfortable but that is absolutely not the case. Because the glitter is pretty finely milled and there isn't great big massive chunks of glitter thrown in there, it doesn't feel as if you are wearing anything at all. I absolutely love the NYX Face & Body Glitters and I can't wait to get some more!


Review | NYX Face & Body Glitter in Rose

Sometimes all you need is a bit of glitter. How can you be unhappy when your eyelids are sparkling rose gold? When I can't sleep at night I scroll through make-up looks on Instagram for hours on end and I realised that I really needed to try out some glitter pigments, especially rose gold and coppery tones as they look so pretty with black sharp-as-a-knife winged eyeliner. After a long time searching, I finally came across glitter pigments in Boots and not only did they offer a whole shade range of pigments, but also a glue-like product to keep everything in place on the eyes. The product? The NYX Glitter Primer.

About the NYX Glitter Primer:
"A lightweight, easy-to-use glitter primer specially formulated to keep all of the 12 NYX Face & Body Glitters in place. Minimize glitter fallout and help keep each and every sparkle in its place with our Glitter Primer - a light and creamy formula that sets and then holds on tight to NYX Face & Body Glitter."

The NYX Glitter Primer is designed to keep hold of and set glitter in place on to the face and the body. It is a really lightweight and creamy product which has the same tackiness to it as lash glue does, although not as thin. As it is a primer, it is designed to be applied before glitters and other pigments, meaning that it dries down completely invisible and acts as a glue to keep everything in place and it does absolutely everything you would expect it to do.

The primer itself comes in a 10ml squeezy tube which has a really small hole at the end so you never squeeze out more than what you need. The product itself is almost a pale yellow in colour which is really creamy in consistency and has a tacky feel to it which gives the glitter something to grip hold onto. When it comes to application I was a little unsure as to how it is best to apply it so I applied my base eyeshadows and colours in the way I usually do, then I squeezed out the tiniest spec of product onto the back of my hand. I then grabbed a flat eyeshadow brush, dipped it into the primer then patted it all over my eyelid or where I want the glitter to go. I then dipped the same brush into my glitter and pressed the pigment all over the eyelid where it stuck immediately. I had to apply quite a few layers in order to really build up a fully opaque block of glitter onto my eyelids before applying my eyeliner on top.

The glitter stayed put all. day. long. It did not budge once, nor did I experience fall out or the glitter moving throughout the day. The NYX Glitter Primer keeps everything in place all day long and acts as a glue to keep everything together - I really cannot fault it!


Review | NYX Glitter Primer

My new pride and joy. Apparently money can't buy you happiness but I really beg to differ. Whilst a new bag or a new pair of shoes won't cure the common cold or heartache, they sure do make me happy. Besides, I would rather be miserable with a new bag on my shoulder or with a new pair of shoes on my feet!

If you read my recent Bicester Village haul then you would have seen this little beauty. I have always wanted an expensive nicer handbag. Whilst the bags from New Look, Topshop and River Island are nice and all, they aren't luxurious or something which I will cherish and look after. Don't get me wrong, I don't throw money around like there's no tomorrow or buy one Gucci handbag after another, but I don't feel like I would be upset if the strap broke on my £19.99 New Look handbag. Sure, I would be annoyed but I wouldn't sob over it like I would if I had saved up for a long time and bought the bag of my dreams. I want to work hard, save up for a long time and be able to purchase something which I will keep and be able to look back at and say "that is the result of my hard work." I would never buy anything for the sake of wearing a name tag on my arm but I do believe in treating yourself to nice items occasionally.

The Burberry Langley Crossbody Bag is a sweet little black leather bag which is to be worn across the body. It is made of the softest leather and has wonderful gold hardwear throughout the bag with a really secure little lock on the front. Size wise it is quite small so it isn't an everyday bag but it is perfect for a nice occasion where you don't need to carry around lots of rubbish with you. It holds my phone comfortably but it probably wouldn't fit an iPhone 7 Plus. It fits my credit card, ID, phone and house key comfortably, although I do have to take my house key off of my usual set of keys as there is no way my fluffy pom pom key ring is fitting in there!

I bought this bag for a real bargain at £119 which was down from its RRP price of £525, meaning I saved £406 which is pretty remarkable. I really cannot recommend taking a little trip out to Bicester Village if you were thinking of making a designer purchase. They might not have all of the bags in the current season out on sale for half price but you can find some real gems in there.

The next bag on my 'to-save-for' list? The Chanel Boy Bag in Gunmetal Grey. Each week I take all of the change from my purse into a jar to save up for it. So far I have saved £13.48. If I carry on at this rate I will be able to afford it in about 13 years time!


Other | The Burberry Langley Crossbody Bag

I will always remember my first bottle of 'grown up' perfume. I had outgrown the Charlie Red Body Spray, I had had enough of the Mary-Kate and Ashley EDT, it was time for me to get a 'real' perfume. Although perhaps Versace Red Jeans was a mistake. My Mum bought it for me as she thought I would like it and wow, was she wrong. So sweet. So sickly! I remember spraying it all over my body and it was so sweet that I had to have a lie down, thus potentially ruining my Christmas Day '07. Needless to say the bottle didn't see much sunlight from the tin it came in after that.

I had steered clear of Versace perfumes and fragrances for a good few years, until I recently smelt a scent on someone which smelt so beautiful, I had to ask what it was and no surprises, it comes from Versace. Let's call the Versace Woman Eau de Parfum Red Jeans' older, more sophisticated sister.

About the Versace Woman Eau de Parfum:
"Versace Woman is for woman who has individuality, intelligence and inner confidence. A floral-fruit fragrance with top notes of frangipani blossoms, jasmine, bergamot, eglantine flower; middle notes of padpardscha lotus, prune, raspberry and base notes of lebanon, amber, musk and inoki wood."

The Versace Woman Eau de Parfum is a really light, sweet perfume which instantly reminded me of Versace Red Jeans. Because of this, I like to think Versace Woman is Red Jeans' older, more sophisticated sister. I don't usually like sweet scents as I am much more of a cotton, light and floral sort of girl but I can definitely get on board with them if they were all like this. Don't get me wrong, I won't be rushing out to purchase another bottle of Red Jeans, the perfume that nearly made me pass out it was so god-damn overpowering but I am definitely willing to try more sweeter perfumes rather than ignore them completely like usual.

Versace Woman initially smells quite woody but then after a little while you get sweeter smelling notes coming across, with the raspberry, amber and musk quite prominent. When sprayed onto the skin and left a little while, I find the woodiness to fade away, leaving behind the sweeter notes. It is a really beautiful, sweet but fresh fragrance which isn't overpowering but it still holds its longevity. If I apply this perfume in the morning, I can still smell it well into the late afternoon. I love finding and trying new perfumes upon recommendation from others so this is me, telling you that you should definitely try this perfume the next time you are in a department store.


Review | Versace Woman Eau de Parfum

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